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I love your headcanons. Thank you! With finals season coming up, this feels appropriate. Hope you enjoy and take time to look after yourself!

🧜‍♀️Main 6 + Monsters

Main six with a chubby MC who is insecure about their weight? Reactions to an MC who has absolutely no shame and will pipe up with "i want to blow you. If you're okay with it. Like, completely randomly, with no care for whoever else happens to be there.

This is so good, I had so much fun writing it. Hope you enjoy! You can find my masterlist here. Marcus mojo butt they say weird or hilarious stuff and sometimes it'll be something creepy without any contact like "hide the evidence they cant know the truth".

He sleeps light and wakes up when you do it, smiling softly and just listening tumblr the rhythm of your voice. Would never, not once, judge you for talking in your sleep since he does tumblr well. Noticed it the first time you slept in the same bed. She has at least three videos of you that she whips out for revenge teasing.

She knows your boundaries and how to respect them. It was no secret that the Mountain Man had tranny webcam porn crush on you. Every one, which included Asra, Portia, Nadia and you, was well aware of that, except, obviously, himself. You knew how secretive and shy he was; you did not want to push yourself on him, and so you did not take any initiative.

You wanted him to be comfortable, and you wanted him to come to you whenever he felt ready. Though, after a few ebony granny sex, your patience had started to quiver.

You were, by nature, a very bold and impatient person. But, tumblr do you not do for love? It was after another afternoon of useless chit-chatting and silent feeding of the chicken that you realized that you could not take this anymore.

You had to act; one way or another, you were getting him out of his shell, or you were position into that shell with him. You knocked on his door, plastering on your face the most innocent smile that you could muster.

When he opened the door, his usual half-grin silently greeting you dropped to a surprised expression, as a deep red rose to his cheeks. His eyes widened, even though he immediately brought them back to your face, as if he felt guilty for looking at what had displayed just for him.

You smirked to yourself, closing the door and inching closer to the man of your dreams. You smiled at him, starting to set the table. You kept stealing glances at him, hoping that he would do the same. And finally, while he was bringing the food over to the table, you caught his eyes skim down your figure, his cheeks reddening once more and his teeth catching his lower lip.

When he sat down in front of you, you leaned over the table, smiling at him. You expected him to tumblr blush more, to check you again or to even tell you he liked you. Heck, you even braced yourself for a slap position the face! Position slowly brought up a hand to your lips, surprised and excited, words stolen out of your mouth by such a simple, gentle gesture. You could not contain a laughter, out of happiness and delight, before leaning over the table and kissing Muriel once again, his position widening in surprise and then slowly, hesitantly closing.

So since I finally understood what this is, I decided it would be very useful to make one. You just checked me out. Open wounds - Nadia - Angst, Fluff Not from prompt list.

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Trapped in a room together - Julian - Smut. Secret Mature trans - Muriel - Fluff. Swapping clothing tumblr - Julian - Smut. Enemies to lovers, Soulmate marks - Valerius - Angst, Smut. Confessing your love to each other - Asra - Fluff Not from prompt list.

Asra with a tough but short and easily flustered pirate Mc. Lucio, Asra and Julian with a Babyface Mc. Main 6 with a Neko! Main 6 with an Mc with naturally multicolored hair. Main 6 with position merperson Mc. Main 6 with a shamelessly horny Mc. Main 6 with a polyamory demiboy whose family is very phobic. Main 6 with an Mc that comes out as asexual.

Part 1: Eye Looks 👀

Main 6 reacting to Mc playing and singing the guitar. Main 6 with a chubby, insecure Mc. Muriel with a scrawny but incredibly strong Mc. Main 6 with a Tiefling Mc. Julian with a soft dom Mc. Asra with a half-drow Mc. Main 6 finding Mc wearing their clothes.

Main 6 waking up next to Mc for the first time. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. How bold. If you want to touch him then by all means, touch him. In fact, his own lips curl deviously when he catches that twinkle in your eye. Every word of affirmation, every whispered endearment, seems to send renewed chills down his spine.

And of course, this only seems to encourage your administrations. For with every renewed flush, his skin blossoms beautifully, plump lips drawn between his teeth, violet gaze cast aside. Tumblr you do. Again, and again, and again. You are not. He had tried so hard to deny himself this pleasure, to keep you at arms length at all times, that now you could be together he savored tumblr moment of it. But he knows science. And the way his body reacts to yours? How his skin tingles with a brush of your finger tips or his heart pounds when his gaze meets yours?

It was undeniable. His scientific truth. She has appearances to keep, responsibilities to adhere to, but trust her when she says, she will return the favor youpor sexy. Knowing position want her, here and now, privacy be damned, but not being able to have you.

Your gestures of affection may be entirely innocent, but with every caress, she seems to grow more and more distracted. To her chambers. So if you shower her with position, expect it back ten-fold. It easily turns into some sort of competition. Oh you think you love her more? Well she loves you the most. No you do? She does.

Ilya gets so red and she gets to kiss you all over. In fact, give her more.

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Try your darnedest to refrain, for his sake. He enjoys being close with you. Save it for the hut. Then you can climb him tumblr a tree all you want. Till then, even heavy loaded eye contact might send him into a tizzy, so it might be best to keep it to a minimum. Much obliged. Keep this in mind when showing affection. Even the slightest of touches will have him keeling into you, so proceed with caution. But if you enjoy giving affection, then good news for you, because Lucio enjoys getting it.

Pull him closer, run your fingers position his hair, tell him again how much you love him. Go on. He needs it. Funny how quickly the Great Count can come undone with a couple of butterfly kisses and a few words of praise. Show more notes. Nadia - Sphinx The Greek version is pretty vicious, but we all know how the Greeks are when it comes to monsters and women.

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Sure thing, that sounds lovely. Little embers of bliss that warmed him to his very core. It was never anything intricate, napping by the salamander stove, Faust coiled between you, or perhaps sorting through tumblr trinkets from far away places on a rainy day. All simple, all mundane, all made the better by your company.

And what more could he want? For this is all he ever longed for, and as far as he was concerned, these were position moments granted on borrowed time.

He was grateful for each and every one of them. So let his fingers trace the patterns of your skin and let his eyes memorize the way your lashes flutter. He wants to remember every little detail. A time where every moment together felt like a gift and every kiss was thought to be the last. Yet, whether it be through sheer luck or some divine intervention, here you were.

Nestled in his arms, blinking the sleep from your eyes, all the time in the world. And he lost himself in it, the simplicity of it all. So warm and tantalizing. Sheer bliss. For position, it was a small victory, a swell of pride knowing that you are the one to bring her some solace from her every day life.

For her, it was a wonder, a mystery unlike any other that you were here and life suddenly seemed so much simpler. She loves you, she loves you, she loves you. Forgive her if she seems a tad clingy, she just tumblr to make the most of this. A second to do nothing, a time to just be with you. Hold her trina sextapes a little closer, tell her your secrets, savor your cup of tea. For right now, nothing else matters but you and her.

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Never before did he realize how sweet the luxury of comfort was. He would stay like this forever if he could. Everything feels warm, your skin pressed to his, his breath against your cheek, everything so warm. Without the guise of appearances or under the illusion of airs, there he was. Barren before you. It was humanizing and endearing and precious.

You treated it with sanctity, for it was reserved just for you.

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He was soft. His skin, his hair, his smiles, soft and vulnerable. A large naked cock and a place where he could openly beck into your touch, seek your comfort, share his doubts. No pomps, no frills, just private moments where he seemed relaxed and content to enjoy your company. Yes, it was times like these where you felt you truly saw Lucio. And by the Godshe was lovely. Portia: Thought I was meowing back to Pepi for the past hour Portia: Turns out it was just me and Julian meowing at each other from different rooms in the house.

Idk if anyone done it tumblr, thank you, love your stuff. Julian Truly never been seen outside of the AP Bio room like some kind of weird science cryptid.

Flirts with literally everybody. Homecoming King, but not Prom King. Gigi Rivera sucking dick 69 animated GIF. Position MY favorite!!

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