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The game that put Penn State ON THE MAP 🔥 A Game to Remember

There you meet a lovely yellow bikini girl that had been hired to prepare some cupcakes. While you are fascinated by her, Jessica, one of your co-workers, have other plans for you. Find out what can happen on this party! Historic: First release: v1. Simply don't choose the options that lead to these situations - they're fairly obvious. The game tends at times to be almost as much a self-personality analysis of your own kinks as it does a game.

Xtryptic Studios / Afternoon to Remember (game) — Bitbucket

Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Can't wait for the next Chapter!!! Like Reply Comment on this game Nickname. These are the changes: - The foursome scene on top floor was completely remade. I tried to upload the complete file mb in 4 different browsers and didn't work, so I updated the iframe.

I suspect the problem some peeps are having is that they didn't notice the "NEXT" panel mid-right?

Xtryptic Studios / Afternoon to Remember (game) — Bitbucket

It could perhaps be bigger, or in the main display, but I guess some just kept clicking the main screen? Nice little diversion, though at times it's tough to know what to do for best sex.

The computer girls are pretty good, though you make the mouths fairly vampirey not sure if it's the jaw shape, the lips, the teeth or what - but the smiles in particular look a bit "Hammer Horror". Come to think of it, that would ad extra spice and risk to the game, and the player's choices!

Afternoon to Remember v1.1

I suppose a few more options might be nice - as there's not much animation, that should not overload capacity. Enjoy the updated, working version, guys! Ishan I love the game. Ross How do I git to sleep with kayleigh in Unforgettable dinner I don't know what moves to make I've tried and tried. Kamel J'aime bien. Sathivial The super. Awesome game! Great text, graphics, the plot grabbed my attention. Anyway, worked fine for me.

Music is not bad, but maybe a bit tooooo laid-back for the action? MaxCarna responds: I changed the interface a little bit on the chapter 2, I hope to make it more intuitive.

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The public will receive the version 15 days later. When the public version becomes available we also deliver a downloadable version of the project so that users can play offline. These scenes are not present in the downloadable version because there is hot shemale cum way to ensure effective authentication. One poll per month will decide the in-game image to be converted.

Sign in or Register. Browser does not support frames Please click on the following link in order to access to the game. About the game. Jessica is your best shot at action. Consider her as the main event of this version. Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member. We support OpenID as well.