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Ayla Woodruff Just Told Her Side Of The Whole Logan Paul Situation

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Brooke Barry Top 5 Facts. That all pink prnstars with Logan's latest vlogs, which have not only made him the most hated of the two Paul brothers, but woodruff one of the most hated YouTubers period. Ayla, everything you've read about him lately is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's take a look at the shady side of Logan Paul, starting with his most recent and disastrous blowup. Paul's biggest controversy to date revolves around Japan's Aokigahara Forestmore commonly known as the Suicide Forest. This large wooded area in the shadow of Mount Fuji is the location of numerous suicides every year, though to come across such a thing you would have to leave the clearly marked paths and enter the restricted area.

Of course, Paul didn't think twice about ignoring the warnings and stepped off the path in search of a body, cameras rolling the whole time. He found one, and—in a move that has already cost him his Google ad deal and YouTube Red projects—he decided to include hentai gallery 4 in his vlog.

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Paul claimed that his intentions were to raise awareness and he ayla the video with a warning about graphic content, although the disclaimer was completely pointless as he used the image of the hanging man with only his face blurred in the thumbnail. The YouTube star talked about suicide and depression for a moment, but he and his friends couldn't help but laugh. Woodruff outrage was practically instantaneous, not only in YouTube circles but in the mainstream media.

Breaking Bad actor and namesake Aaron Paul called the vlogger "pure trash" and said that he could "rot in hell", while Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner tore into him and his apology for sex insincere. You're mocking. I can't believe how self-praising your ' apology ' is. You don't deserve the success views you have.

Video With Ayla Woodruff:

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