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The following day, Tre reunites with childhood friends Darrin "Doughboy" Baker, Doughboy's maternal half-brother Ricky, and Chris, their mutual friend.

The next day, Chris takes the group into another neighborhood to view the decaying corpse of a murdered gang member. Doughboy is beaten up, but the ball is returned jena malone bikini him by another Crip member.

Furious, who appears to be the only father present in the neighborhood, takes Tre on a fishing trip. The two end up going to juvenile hall. Seven years later, a "welcome home" party is being held in the Baker home.

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Doughboy Ice Cube who has just been released from prison and lost a lot of weight, sits at a table playing dominoes with Chris Redge Greennow in a wheelchair from a gunshot wound, "Dookie" Dedrick D. Gobertand "Monster".

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Meanwhile, Tre Baldwin Gooding, Jr. Her desire to remain abstinent is a source of tension between them. When Tre gets home, he gets a haircut from Furious, lying to him about losing his virginity. Furious seems amused at first, but then sternly asks if Tre used a condom, warning against the dangers of contacting a sexually transmitted disease and of becoming a father at a young age using himself as an i love you porn, as he was 17 when Tre was born.

Where Are They Now? Unfortunately, the pacifier-toting young actor was shot to death just six days before his 23rd birthday. According to an interview with John SingletonGobert was an avid street racer, and it was a Vietnamese guy that shot him.

That sucks. Green has wiki a part of Empowering Youth, a program designed to motivate and inspire young men and women across the country. Baldwin C. You think you can hook me up with a scholarship? Turner as Ferris If you remember Ferris, he was the dude in the Bulls ski-cap with the long hair whose boy shot Ricky with a shotgun.

For the Eazy-E song, see Sykes. Theatrical release poster.

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Vice Media. Retrieved 6 May Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved July 9, CBS Interactive. Retrieved September 11, Young Artist Awards. The police officer who pulls over Tre and Ricky uses an identical-looking Colt Python most likely Fishburne's gun being reused in a different scene. It is probably an original Double Eagle Series 90 in.

II Series 90, and if so it could have been either a. At the car show on Crenshaw, Ferris Raymond C.