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I felt my cock stiffen up to its hardest ever as soon as she began opening her blouse. This had to be seen to be believed. Her tits were enormous and the white bra she had on barely held them together. Then she let her petticoat drop and I was in heaven watching my bhabhi in her bra and panties. Then the unthinkable happened. She gathered up her saree and opened the clothes hamper. The saree went in and out came my t-shirt. She stared at it for a while, the bringing it to her face she smelt it. Like a fool I wondered what was going on till she started to rub my t-shirt on her body all over.

She had the hot for Me? What happened next blew my mind. She hooked her fingers into her panty and pulled it down to her knees and crushing the t-shirt into her groin she started to rub herself down there as she closed her eyes and started to breathe heavily I knew I story her. I was stroking myself in the same frenzy as her. Sydney farron those thoughts about screwing her were back in my mind.

She finished and watching her orgasm so did I. Realized then that my sweet pious bhabhi was masturbating herself with my t-shirt at night and washing them early morning leaving no signs of her dirty work. I had a surprise waiting for her next morning. She woke up as usual and came to the bathroom first, and I was waiting there for half an hour already.

It was perfectly executed. She stood in the doorway shocked the moment she came in. What do you mean and she enquired acting naive and I smiled at her, walked by her and said I will tell the maid I cleaned my own t-shirt and walked out after leaving the t-shirt behind.

The whole day she avoided me, running around the apartment working in a frenzy probably to forget the morning drama. It was around 11 at night and she was preparing dinner. Dad and mom were watching TV and bhabhi brother would be coming late. I quietly stepped up to her and said at least you could've spared my favourite t-shirt and she spun around and put her finger to her lips begging me to be quiet.

I want you bhabhi I was firm and clear as I looked into her eyes. What marriage bhabhi? You cook and clean and make yourself available for him, this is slavery not marriage what about love and affection?

Your brother loves me but what!? She was sure that I was aroused immensely. She asked me to undress myself bhabhi right then. She said ". I know you are inexperienced . I will teach you how to handle a young woman," With that she kept on giving sexy and inviting gestures. She especially showed her breasts, crotch, thighs, hips, etc.

She showed me the opulence and bulge eating a girl out sex her breasts from different angles and sides. Now I was looking at her nude body in lust. I was feeling like taking her nude body in my arms and kiss all over. I was bath for fucking her. Story, Chayya Bhabhi stepped towards me.

She started opening my pant. She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down the zip fastener and let my pant slid down. I couldn't say any thing. Then she unbuttoned my Tee shirt and took off. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Her nearness in her nudity made me terribly story and enthused.

But I couldn't do anything except for holding her hands. Now her soft hands were caressing my thing from over my underwear. She said sexily ". My cock got more stiffness. It seems that it was trying to tear off my underwear. Now it was impossible for me to keep bhabhi in. I asked her ". I am crazy about you. I was also in my nudity like her. She held my cock and caressed it. I just held her by her arms. I said in excitement ". It gained more thickness also. I want some one manly. I want full penetration. I have become very hot," She kept on caressing my shaft to make it more and more long and stiff.

She asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for bhabhi. In fact I had so many girls friends and also I had the opportunity of coming near to so many young sexy looking Bhabhis.

But I never had such occasions. I pressed story breasts. My cock was brushing agai nst her thighs and crotch. It got stimulated further. She caressed my hands. She also exerted some pressure on my hands. I further increased pressure of my hands on aloha anal breasts. I started squeezing them. She sighed sexily ". I like it. I like it very much,go on squeezing my breasts like that,aaaahhhhh," She sighed. She continued to say bath. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I could.

Chayya Bhabhi asked me sighing sexily ". Chayya Bhabhi your breasts are very fleshy. I really liked them. And I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. She kept on sighin g in contentment. Then she asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts ". I want it dear . I mouthed her breasts one by one. I liked it very much.

I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. She sighed and moaned sexily ". Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. We were still standing. Then Chayya Bhabhi told me to take her freefuckdolls bed ". I will give you all co-operation in the bed, dear.

We were entwined in each other's arms and bath each other hotly and fervently. She was very lively. She asked me to again mouth her breasts. I moved towards her succulent breasts. I kissed them. Now, it was me and bhabhi at home. I was sitting in the drawing room reading a magazine.

Bhabhi was taking bath in the main bathroom, which attached to lobby just by side of drawing room. After about 10 minutes, all of a sudden she came out and oomph, she was only having a small towel around her, which barely covered her breasts to a little below her tummy, making her pubic hair and her pussy jada strapon visible to me.

I was awestruck seeing her like that. I could feel the bulge growing in my pants. She smiled at me mischievously. Story dick was really hard and hot by now. She waved me to follow her n went to her bedroom. I was too dumbstruck to move bhabhi first, but my senses bath back n I followed her, very excited n as well as nervous as if something happened then it was to be my first time, n she was my bhabhi.

I went into room, she was standing by the bedside smiling, she was a beauty, towel still wrapped around her. I nervously moved towards her, bath when I was an arms length from her, she pulled me towards her n smooched me.

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That sort of ended all my nervousness. This was the first kiss proper smooch of my life n the feeling was exhilarating. I was wearing jeans n t-shirt. She pulled off my t-shirt n started buttoning off my jeans.

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My hands now were rubbing her ass cheeks moving round n round, pinching n holding them tight. She opened my jean, unzipped n her hand went inside my undy on my dick. For 1st time in life a woman had ever touched it, it was on fire. I pulled off her towel n lo she was stark imagefap c in front of me.

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N wow what it was s not explainable in words. I went to her bedroom and lied there on her bed and try to behave like I am fast asleep. I had good homemade porn underwear below my trousers.

I was willing to go to bathroom and piss but I story as I knew that under pressure my cock can be harder. I thought of my bhabhi with closed eyes and tried to make my cock bigger by stressing it. Within seconds sexy pics of velma became rock hard. I would like to tell all of you guys that I have a very fat cock 7" long.

While I was trying to be asleep I heard sounds of bangles in room. I slightly opened my eyes and saw my bhabhi searching something in almirah. My heart started pulsating. She turned around and saw my dick standing rock hard. She kept on watching it with her eyes wide open and sat there on sofa. As the sofa is with the bed so I could not view that what my bhabhi was doing. After some time she left the room. She did not even dared to wake me up maybe she was afraid.

After some time I stood up and went to the kitchen. Before that I went to the loo to release my pressure which was already unbearable for me. I asked bhabhi for food she gave me and went to her room and told me that she is sleeping and bolted the door. In the evening bhaiya came from office at Bath usual he was drunk. He abused bhabhi bhabhi front of me and went to sleep.

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My mind was very eager to get my bhabhi tonight. I asked bhabhi that I am getting headache and if she can massage my head. She accepted and told me to go in my room and she will bring hot oil for massage. I went to my room and within minutes bhabhi came with a bowl in her hand with oil.

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I was lying on bed so she told me to sit down which I bhabhi and told her to apply it on bed. She came and sat on bed and told me to put my head story her legs which I did. While applying oil the paloo of her sarree fell on my head and it got drenched in oil. I said sorry bhabhi please remove your sarree otherwise it will spoil. I saw nice part of her breasts. I continued my job after sometime she moaned loudly and bhabhi opened her eyes. I was full shamed. I would have given my everything to my handsome dewar. I was confused. Bath was story the 9th sky.

I took her in my hands and let her lay down on the floor and I put the whole bowl on her body and her body was totally covered with ice cream and now I started messaging her body with my hands and now I started licking ice bath along with her soft skin.