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The plan is to keep it simple, rearranging some of the new tracks in the absence of a banjo. She said the record may feature a few of the songs from the current EP, but for the most part will be all new music. The Charlottesville stop should prove to be an interesting opener. MySpace has become a punch line in the post-Facebook era. Voegele, it seems, refuses to be one herself.

First St. Grinchy grins: Out of Body Burlesque hypes its audience with this fair warning: Prepare yourselves for something different because trini porn tube is what we know best. Bebe Demure.

13. Jackson Brundage - Jamie Scott

The band asks that you know the songs in advance and be able to convey the chord changes. Sign up for a two-step dance lesson early in […]. Farther Christmas: The English countryside serves as inspiration when The Oratorio Society of Virginia returns for its annual holiday concert. Subverting genre conventions is one thing. Channeling them into a wholly unique artistic vision is another thing entirely.

In transition: Teen queen Kate Voegele explores her mature side - C-VILLE WeeklyC-VILLE Weekly

This is what sets English filmmaker Peter Strickland apart as an innovator, even as he works with decades-old material. Film after film, he manages to be postmodern yet. Glow up: The longest night of the year is celebrated with beauty and promise at the annual Let There Be Light festival. Well played: Growing up, Lindsey Stirling could not decide between dancing and playing the violin, so she chose both and developed a unique act mixing hip-hop, pop, and classical music.

So must all hearts be broken? Jackson Brundage - Jamie Scott.

Rainbows & Lace : Happy Anniversary Brett & Kate

Remember Nathan and Hailey's adorable firstborn? Well, he's not so little anymore! In fact, he's years-old now!

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Yikes, where did the time go? Jackson went on to star in projects like See Dad Run and Harvey Beaks but mostly, he's been living out his teenage years and posting pics on Insta.

Sometimes, he even reminisces about his time on OTH! And yes, he's still besties with Chuck Michael May! Tyler Hilton - Chris Keller. Did hughes say, Chris Keller? Much like his character on the show, Keller is a musician who is touring with another kate face from Tree Hill, Kate Voegele aka Mia Catalano.

They have teamed up voegele many projects and frequent the OTH reunions to play sexy older secretary for fans during the Tric concert portion! Keller has also continued his work on the small screen appearing as Noah Casey in Pitch, Charlie Arthurs in Extant and more. You can get a glimpse into their lives on Instagram! Kate Voegele - Mia Catalano.

As mentioned above, Voegele left the acting world behind to pursue music and spends most of her time performing and touring with Tyler Hilton. Brett DeVitto - Nanny Carrie. Natalie Manning on Chicago Med.

They wed in after meeting him on the set of Killer movie but they divorced two years later in citing "amicable differences. Barbara Alyn Woods - Deb Scott. She now serves as a manager for her three daughters and aspiring actresses, Allyvia, Natalia, and Emily Lind. Hey, they seem to be in good hands!

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Barry Corbin - Coach Whitey Durham.