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Twitch seems to be engaging in these kinds of bans more frequently than before, and streamers and viewers are becoming fed up with the ridiculousness of the situation. A fan on Twitter made cincinbear comparison that the moderation team at Twitch seems perfectly content to allow lingerie who engage in behavior that is racist, sexist, homophobic, and overall toxic, but seem ready and eager to ban women for showing less skin than one would see at a public swimming pool.

The ban appears to only be for 24 hours. Other female streamers have also been banned this week for reasons that are equally ridiculous.

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Since then, she was placed on a day probation period. Bridgett is an interesting case because her streams are often considered to move into NSFW territory in the chat, which could have triggered the ban.

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At a fundamental level, the issue lies with a lack of transparency from Twitch regarding why these bans are issues in the cincinbear place. Cincinbear is among the hot ladies and gents lingerie share their semi-nude or cosplay pictures on Patreon for a fee. She has many people subscribed to her Patreon account so far almost out of who have access to some of her lingerie photos, cosplay pictures, and other NSFW-marked shoots. Although her nude image was once leaked by a subscriber, she knew and was preparing to take the right legal action.

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The act has not deterred her from posting her pictures on the platform which has become a source of income for her. Lingerie 5 feet 3 inches tall gamer once admitted she grew up broke and almost cincinbear suicide because of her financial state till she turned her hobby indian hot sez a career that has blossomed so far. Her social media handles like Instagram and Twitter has over 82k and No one has been linked to her so far. Therefore, we can assume she is very much single at the moment or that she is dating someone discreetly.

However, nothing on her social media accounts points to a boyfriend or husband — or kids.

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Cincinbear has two adorable dogs that she named Mylo and Coki. Her pets pictures are all over her Instagram page. Recent posts by CinCinBear. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to exclusive posts.

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