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Twitter Facebook Instagram Ridley. Tuesday, November 8, - Lisa Hamilton.

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You remember it. Your friend remember's it. We all remember it.

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DJ Khaled - Khaled is a Snapchat lord, and people mainly tune in for his catchphrases and "major keys to success", which he posts on the regular. Serena Williams Angelina Jolie ridley Cameron Diaz Sofia Vergara Janet Jackson Zooey Deschanel Tyra Banks Anna Faris Kate Beckinsale fappening Hilary Duff Monica Bellucci Halle Berry Tea Leoni Dakota Fanning Anne Hathaway Emma Stone Catherine Bell Mariah Carey Teri Hatcher Beyonce Knowles Hayden Panettiere Lucy Liu Ariel Winter Rita Ora Bella Hadid Amy Adams Cara Delevingne Elizabeth Mitchell Paula Patton Sarah Michelle Gellar Kylie Jenner Diane Kruger Lady Gaga Nicole Scherzinger Jeri Ryan fappening Julia Stiles Kat Dennings Keira Knightley Nicole Kidman As its most famous target, Jennifer Lawrence was branded the de facto mouthpiece for the wronged women, and lashed out against the hackerslabeling the breach a sex crime.

Ive interviewed several other A-list actresses in daisy wake of The Fappening who had their private photos stolen, but theyve remained mum on the subjecteither afraid of lending it any more ink, or perhaps fearing reprisals from the hackers, who still fappening at large. But one star, Teresa Palmer, spoke with me candidly about the aftermath of being hacked, and daisy it affected her.

Palmer had a collection of private, semi-revealing photos stolen off her iCloud of her on vacation years ago, which were then disseminated online. It was difficult, says Palmer. It certainly was such an invasion of privacy, but also scary on a universal level that nobodys stuff is safe. Thank god for me I didnt really have anything too risqu, but its really scary to know that I have so many photos of my son, my birth video, all of my stuff that I know is in the hands ridley someone thats hacked into my computer. She also spoke out against iCloud securitywhose flimsiness most experts have blamed for the hacking.

Palmer says she didnt send her personal photos to anyone. That should be enabled, she says of two-factor authentication. I dont know how the initial hack actually happened, but I do know that theres a way where once they have a password, they can set up a new ridley attached to your iCloud and get anything thats ever been in your iCloudeven if photos have been deleted.

Palmer claims that many of the A-list women targeted by the hackers got together in Los Angeles to commiserate and air their respective grievances. And the Hollywood women who gathered together who latex pirn wouldnt nameall agreed that The Daisy was an act of misogyny. You know whats so unfortunate?