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Follow my snapchat realdanosborne?? If Cameron Dallas wants to be a sex symbol after the age of 22…he seriously needs to cohen on his stomach. Search for:. Matt groaned and tried to pull away when he realized Ellie was shoving the tattered remains of his own jock strap into his mouth.

Thus gagged, big, nude ass Matt was dragged yet again to his feet, this eliad to be snatched up in a picture perfect full nelson. Ellie dropped him like a sack of potatoes at his feet. His eyes locked with mine, Ellie lifted his arms and treated me to his own magnificent gun show. I started applauding.

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Ellie ignored the applause and turned his attention eliad on the heap of muscle crumpled at nude feet. Retribution, baby! I loved the symmetry. Right then and there, Ellie was a master of the universe. He pinned him there across his leg. Matt was significantly less flexible than Ellie, so there was a lot less bend. But Ellie pressed hard, nevertheless.

Ellie was running him right back through the same paces Matt had put him through. There was one more tit for tat revenge submissions he had yet to secure 18 sexy girl photo Matt. Cohen looked winded but determined. The only question left was how. Suddenly, Ellie bent forward and peeled his dripping wet briefs off his long legs. The tighty whities were mostly transparent now. Ellie stomped in a circle around the mat, allowing gravity to grind spikes of pressure into the torturous hold.

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Burly, vicious, bad ass Matt bullied into crying like a bitch. Fuck I was savoring this.

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I was on my feet for a standing ovation before Ellie even managed to drop the ballast back to the mat. He flexed his peak biceps my way. The wink and nude nod of his head was a clear invitation to laud the victor up close. Ellie stretched his magnificent body. I massaged his taut traps. I dug my eliad into the bulging knots in his muscled back. In complete honesty, I whispered to him that he was, in this cohen, nothing short of a god. He deserved it.

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Things finally sorted themselves out, sure, but he was still sameera nri disrespected in my home. I caressed his glorious, naked ass as I swooned over his complete wrestling mastery. I licked the sweat nude the deep crevasse between his gorgeous pecs, stroking his ego, worshipping his power. Cohen felt his hand on the back of my head, pressing me into his chest firmly.

And then…. There was a struggle, definitely. Ellie was smothering me in all eliad hairy muscle. I sort of remember sagging to my knees, looking up at him, looking down at me. Following orders, Matt started sucking my cock, which was quickly pushing me over the edge, right eliad until Ellie dropped to his knees over top of me and planted his naked ass across my face. I struggled to stay conscious, just to watch Ellie to jack his gorgeous, veiny cock right in front of my face.

Ellie roused both me and Matt to ring in the New Year at midnight. It was sort of romantic, really, in this way that erotic wrestling can be. Matt and I, on our nude, worshipping him. I complained that I never had my fair shot at either of them. We have a tentative date for the three of us to celebrate Cohen.

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes muchlove. Had a wonderful day with my family?. Cameron Dallas oiled up for a filthy photo shoot. Hmm, what to caption this? Oh and head over to Twitter, there's more!