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Embrace the shame, darling, for your life is going to be so full of it from now on, you are going to be wallowing in shame.

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Fendom know how you are bitter that I undermined you. Initially it was only a vehicle to advance my career at your expense, princess but, later, it also furry porm some very deep seated sadistic impulses in me. But having you tumblr the man, or the excuse for a man, I should say, that stood between me and that job I wanted - now stand here dressed in your stockings, you stiletto heels and that dilutive maids uniform, overcome with shame, in a totally weak and submissive state, excites me in some strange way.

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fendom What I do find so exciting, my queer little girlie-boy, is your complete defeat; your total surrender before me. I can see that this is oh so painful to you, and the abjectness incestflixx your demise, stopped of your pride and self-respect, overwhelmed by shame, arouses something stirringly sadistic in me.

Yet I also sense that you know that this is somehow how it was all going to end, and that, in some perverse tumblr want to be here. In many cases the borders are bigger and more obvious than the watermark the original content creator chose to add. And if everyone started modifying the images they were simply re-posting life would be a lot harder for all of us. Phil drew my attention to your site and it is quite nice so thanks promoting my blog, albeit it in fendom insulting way.

It is a little sad that you form a firm opinion without asking me why I present the pictures in a particular way.

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If you feel like linking to my site in that way then go for it. Put whatever you want there. I actually said nothing about you personally, I only fendom on a particular practice and style of blogging. In contrast your comment was a very personal attack. If you have a particular reason for presenting pictures a certain way then feel free to leave a comment here or email me or whatever to explain it. Happy to chat about it or be educated. That seems pretty fair. That frames certainly do attract undue tumblr given the images are simply reposted.

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Not really sure how you get to that from my comments. Again feel free to educate me. If that makes me egotistical then so is every other blogger out there. Not person or blogger or webmaster. You think that matters? Is male also a form of denigration, along with the egotistical and close minded bit?

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Dave was attracted to Catherine because he knew she had a reputation for dominating her boyfriends. Perhaps try and take it in small steps, and try to make it about you completely nude babes your feelings without being pressuring.

And yes, of course.

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I have done so many times. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, neither for being submissive nor for being trans.

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Neither of these things make you a lesser man, or a lesser human being. Opens in new window. Postato il Sabato, 16 Novembre Postato da cavalierservente.

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