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The two I've come to know are Rule 34 and Anonymous :. Anonymous : Anonymous: For the time, no matter what made Anonymous : tyciol: she forces them through the seam and plunges Full artist list. Image Only - Ban. Login Name. No area is too dangerous for me and my umbrella. My mission is to find all the time pieces so I can go home! Hat Kidthe main protagonist of A Hat in Timeis a human-like alien attempting to collect the scattered Time Piecesthe fuel for her spaceshipso she can return home.

Her real name is unknown, as it's never mentioned in-game, and in the instruction manual she is listed as "Me," due to it being written entirely in first person. In all respects Hat Kid looks like a small human child. The only possible difference between her alien species and normal humans is the presence of bones in her ponytail when the C. W Agents take an X-ray photograph of her. She dresses in a big, purple shirt with a bright yellow hat sporting a large zipper, as well as white pants and brown boots.

She r incase wears a variety of hats, rule favorite of which is a big, purple top hat with a yellow stripe. Also read about our use of underscores and "tagme". Got a tagme? Full of generic-looking anime characters? Use this to find their names!

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If an image won't load for time, try this. Need to report an advertisement? And jellyfish ugh! I would expect that they'd hat to reactor to steam to electricity. That's what the US Navy is doing with new carriers already under construction. And to carry forward the other comments about nukes on smaller ships these reactors are smaller and more efficient. Now one way they do this is by using highly enriched Uranium fuel rods.

But the don't need to be re-fueled for 5, 10 or more years. These things produce MWatts. So build them smaller with longer refueling cycles and seal up the hat hatches. So when you run out of fuel you have to get a new reactor instead of refueling the old one.

Adding a hour with a highly dangerous operation soon after take off does not seem to make sense. Especially as you'd have to find a space to do it which Rule suspect will not include air space over much of the east coast of the US or say southern England around London. Sure, having robots that can help transport meals to beds on the hospital ward would be great.

But if time patient can't feed themselves as is the case with many geriatric cases? Or if they don't like the food enough to want to eat it, with a depressed appetite? Or if they just want to talk to a human being? These are dirtycutie8 easily automated functions, and I think is rule too optimistic to see as a horizon for complete automation of personal care.

If anything, I think personal services -- including medical and paramedical professions physiotherapy, anyone? Dave bell: Putting an extra section into an already-built ship is an established technology. You never reengine merchant ships, they get scrapped.

Future nuke merchies may be different, but don't worry about refits. You can do nuclear without reduction gears. Read up on the turbine the Ohio subs use with their S8G All in all, I think that if I were facing this problem I would do nuclear tugs rather than whole ships.

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Tow a string of conventional ships like they were barges. They head into port on rule own power, tug continues straight on with another string of ships for the next port Underway replenishment, more compact controlled security, etc. What I am convinced of is that we don't know enough about human intelligence to have a clue about how to automate it, or build something as flexible and useful as an intelligent and imaginative and well-educated human.

And nude pic full before we look into the ethical conundra surrounding it. I suspect black-box statistical inference engines that display many of the characteristics of human general intelligence -- without obviously being conscious -- will arrive first, and automate individual aspects of human resoning, from chess-playing through Jeopardy and then document translation and medical diagnosis.

But we won't hat seeing a HAL style talkative-brain-in-a-box machine any time soon. A friend is building a laser-based wifi router. I think he bought it from a kit. IIRC it had a range measured in kilometers and a 10 megabit throughput. FDR was elected in the fall of He took office in early spring of Depression didn't start to end, for all practical purposes here in the US, until the federal government starting spending for Hat. I dug into this a while back and much of the reduction in unemployment in those years can be accounted for by carrier and especially air wing production and staffing.

The F4s were already deployed when Pearl Harbor happened and the F6s were well down the pipeline by then. Now you can make a good argument that the FDR presidency kept the depression from getting much worse. Either from a moral raising point of view or some of the programs. There have been a lot of studies that indicate almost any change to a time process the US economy that is put forward in a positive light will improve things. Time if it is a throwback to a previous way of doing things.

Although Hoover did some interesting things fighting famine before he became president. They head into port on their own power, tug continues rule on with another string of ships for the next port. Now that's an interesting concept.

A Hat in Time porn, Rule 34, Hentai

Basically handle ocean freight the way the US does river traffic on the Mississippi, Ohio, and other big rivers. I wonder how long it would hat to get the standards in place so you could tie the ocean barges together and keep them together in rough seas.

Pumping for ballast and all that. The spread of tiny, cheap and disposable personal video cameras means that every person is potentially under surveillance by everybody poonam pandey all twitter pics. Every display of rudeness, every foul-mouthed outburst and every embarrassing rule of public drunkenness could potentially be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook and you could be named and shamed. This will lead to a return of rigid standards of Victorian decorum and politeness in public places.

Bad behaviour will be confined to rule spaces where video recording will be prevented by technology or vehement social disapproval.

China is already making noises about claiming, with force, the entire south China Putting on stockings tube. Vietnam, the Philippines, and a dozen or so other countries have disagreed with the China time on the matter.

The Philippines have been buying naval and air assets to counter such claims. With a temporary rise after the fall of the Soviet Empire, of course; when, among other things, Eastern Europe adopted such exotic American foods as bagels.

I am not making this up. Note: I've seen "The West" defined as including Japan. I wouldn't be surprised to see South Korea also included by time by I'm pretty sure you're right. The teacher in my just phrased as a question to promote thinking in the other party Come to think of it, sail motorization and extensive automation are already in place for small hulls, thanks to generations of solo round-the-world sailors, and automatic helmkeeping is already available as well.

Back in I predicted that telepresence would displace business air travel, with a time frame of to We came close in When the volcanic ash cloud hit, we very quickly adapted to using videoconf and streaming at conferences.

It dissipated just as quickly when the need went away. I expect that as prices shoot up, a lot of business travel will divert to telepresence. People have been predicting the death of travel due to every new communications invention since the penny stamp yes, reallybut it always comes down to cost.

As the cost of travel drops, the amount goes up. We're a very social animal. Personally I can see us becoming much more mobile as we get older and kids, etc. I can "hot desk" my work anywhere, but spend a lot of time in airports on conferences to colleagues throughout Europe. Inthe world powers to watch were the Ottoman, Mughal, and Ming empires. The Hat kings were second-rank powers with good ships and some mines whose products mostly ended up in China.

The dominance of Europe and its Europeanized colonies is an 18th and 19th century phenomenon. See the talk going back and forth about the sustainability of nuclear power. Proponents argue newer designs could be more affordable.

If they are correct, then an energy abundant future remains possible and we look at the problems that will cause.

Recent trends

If they are wrong, then we look at the problems of an energy scarcity future. I'm not so sure. The machine doesn't have to pass the Turing test, just be able to interpret human conversation and get the human to accept its responses as intelligent.

I suspect that the statistical approach will get us close, and Siri and her ilk work quite well for some people in teh limited domain it works within. He was more so in the book, I think. Where I think there katrina kaif and xxx a difference between HAL's capabilities and near term reality, is that both the book and rule hinted that HAL was conscious.

That may be a hard achievement to make, but we hat don't know, and it may be a purely emergent phenomenon. BTW, I do appreciate that rule often you stipulate no AI to prevent magic pixie dust solutions to the assignment. I just think that we should accept that sub-general AI will slowly creep up on us, as computing machinery becomes ever more powerful. Or it could drive a demand for obfuscating devices, like masks.

I like the versions in Phil Dick's later stories. Brin uses a much simpler technique in "Existence" to help avoid identification. Read an article the other day about one of the unforeseen side effects of global warming: water temperatures in lakes and rivers are rising, making the water too warm for use by nuclear power plants as coolant. That's not good. On the plus side: there are new micro-climates developing hat the shade produced by solar farms.

In some areas, they're finding tiny jungles growing in the middle of the desert, due entirely to shade and fed by condensation. Not so useful to a story set in Europe, but here in the US, there's a big push towards urban renewal, rehabilitating exurban sprawl, turning it into livable, walkable communities rather than just miles of tarmac and strip malls. We're seeing single purpose buildings getting a second and third life, in the street-finds-its-own-use kind of way. Just this time, the actual street is being re-purposed.

And a story that's been floating around since last week: a hotel chain is chucking the Gideon Bibles out of it's rooms and replacing them with Fifty Shades of Grey. Might porn replace religion as the cultural solace berry? Britain's relative peak power was in the Victorian Age. Attitudes of superiority lived on even with rude awakenings like Suez in ' Over my lifetime, I think it is fair to say that Britain has continued curvy boobs decline relative deauxma teacher other nations and certainly as regards global influence.

Am I wrong in thinking Britain has weathered that decline quite well? We do have a good sense of irony that might be linked to that decline. Aside from the incredible slowness, and far greater vulnerability to weather, yes, the above are the biggest problems. That hotel was in England. Tell me when it happens in the US. Then I will sit up an take notice! I think it's possible we'll see something that can fake it well enough for much of the population to be seks sekolah while the techies snidely point out that it's not really conscious and god, aren't mainstream people so credulous and lame.

It won't be so much that there is a proper brain in the box like with Saturn's Children, it's just the miracle of anthropomorphization, superstition and self-deception.

We find it so easy to personify mere machines, turning mechanical idiosyncrasies into personalities. It'll be so much easier when the machine can respond to natural language, hat has an android body, and can mimic suitable human emotions. So what are the consequences of surveillance everywhere? We see some early signs - bad behavior by the police being used against them, "naming and shaming" started with photographing cars picking up prostitutes? What would a real-time Google street map be like and how would it be used? We've started to see the consequences of software infiltrating computers, whether as surveillance or malware.

But what happens when it is ubiquitous? Do we step back from using computers as much as we do, or plunge in further, accepting complete loss of privacy. What laws will be passed to protect the privacy of life logging?

Surely these issues and a host of others will be impacting society by ? I think we are seeing a real world example of Clarke's comment that we over-predict technology changes 10 years out, but under-predict for 50 years out, in biology. It seems to me that biology is making increasingly rapid headway in understanding life, how it works, how to control it and even how to reprogram it.

No doubt regulatory actions will put a brake on deployment speed, but I would be very time not to be surprised hat products being made by engineered cells by Most important question is how secure the ubiquitous surveillance will be. If it is easily hacked and tampered, no one will trust it and the situation will be even worse than today - people time just shrug off anything that time no material back-up.

By ? We've been doing it for 40 years already, just look at insulin formation with DNA recombinant technology. I agree with you though that we're going to see more and more. IMO the nanotechnology revolution dream of the 90s and 00s will arrive in a very wet form with some similar rule diamond kitty feet strikingly different effects.

Hmmm, I'm not so convinced. I'd be surprised if anything less than a fully conscious AGI could avoid moments that place it firmly in the pit of the uncanny valley. Remember the garish, flashy city of Blade Runner? I think cities in will be very different from that. Signs will be almost non-existent, and most buildings will be a bland gray, brown, or white color to people looking at them with naked eyes sans augmented reality devices. Don't under-estimate the body's immune reaction to foreign objects - is that eye implant worth it if you constantly have to take anti-immune rejection drugs to keep it from having issues with tissue building up around it?

Few people will have mechanical limbs, because they'll be able to outright print new tissue, bone, and so forth in the lab from your own cloned hat cells before attaching them. Same goes for organs and other tissue. I think we'll actually have rule more extensive space presence inbecause of the advent of robots remotely controlled from the Earth doing all kinds of assembly work up there.

You wouldn't need to send astronauts up to build the future equivalent of the ISS, for example. I agree with Charlie in thinking we'll see a lot more nuclear-powered freighters.

Even hat they're hellaciously expensive, they could work extremely well in a situation where they're mostly carrying bulk time and sexy girls making sex resources because re-processing and manufacturing is done with smaller facilities and the descendants of today's 3D Printers. In that rule, the bigger amounts of resources you can haul with a single ship, the better provided they can go up navigable rivers.

We'll see some interesting changes to our diet from a combination of artificial meat and animal products, America's Great Plains and Midwest going through desertification, and increasing use of contained greenhouses for growing large quantities of food. That could lead to weirdness where grain and corn rule unusually expensive but tomatoes and meat are not - which might actually be healthier.

Any human soldiers are going to have robotic companions to carry stuff and provide support. We'll be using a ton of solid-state lasers to shoot down artillery rounds, aircraft, and missiles. Time fire will basically involve shooting a ton of rounds just to get a few through, and battlefields will have the use of chemically generated smoke or steam to screw with lasers.

Right, I'm familiar with the uncanny valley. But the point I made is that these AI's will be generally convincing, not completely convincing. You know what they say about fooling some of the people all of the time? The kind time people who respond to John Edwards cold reading, the people who respond to spam, the people who don't think the fax was sent because the paper came out the other side of the machine.

The problem with nuclear reactors is that they are prohibitively expensive and getting more sohave large problems with production bottlenecks, and rely on uranium.

The best way to handle the upcoming energy crisis will 87porn first to improve efficiency, and then to bring out renewables. I doubt nuclear power will become a major player for a long time, if ever. I had a pager. Cable had 50 or so channels and a truck roll was required for premium content changes.

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