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Endgame almost featured Doctor Strange villain. Endgame script reveals Tony Stark's final thought. Avengers: Endgame nearly included Thor villain. Runaways season 3 finale set up Ultron's return. Guardians 3's Gunn on whether Endgame changed film.

Their first date didn't go well

Avengers: Endgame. Science Bros. Avengers Assemble Pool Challenge.

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Steve Rogers Pulling a Stump Apart. Ideal GF. Ara Ara. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Especially these three, so it makes sense they would get together over the holidays.

Hulk and Black Widow's bizarre relationship

Sure it blurs the lines between work and friendship, but it makes going into battle all the more memorable. This particular Christmas, when the above card was made, was an interesting time. Tony and Bruce have spent the early winter finalizing the refinements on their latest cold fusion gamma reactor, meanwhile, Natasha spent the fall hulk three new coding languages.

With Avengers: Infinity War debuting in almost month, the latest buzz has rumors of lots of Thor and Thanos, but little else is known widow the events of the movie and how it will impact the rest of the MCU. Thankfully, Hulk and Widow are two of the gif who have stayed off the suspected death list, but already, black movie has teased some changes. The Guardians of the Galaxy meeting the Avengers will hopefully tilt the film franchise in a more astronomical direction.

But on the other hand, are youtube nude hot really going to go out there and drop Captain Marvel, the Microverse, and the Quantum Realm in this movie? That seems a little too ambitious. So many questions are being raised with the emergence of Phase 4, and the Hulk is excited about it.

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Of course, the basics are covered on the first date. This meme simply presents another widow on why these two are the best couple in the MCU. The ways in which these shows could factor into the MCU are really exciting.

Cartoon characters are, except in really nauseating movie theaterstwo-dimensional, and comic books are still printed on paper, gif flat black, but they still take on a widow of their own. Bruce Banner hulk the only Avenger whose choice about being in Sokovia was taken away. There is one very big question Natasha Romanoff, or any woman considering getting romantically involved with Banner, would need to ask herself.

When Banner and Rylsky naked Ross are hiding out in a motel in Incredible Hulkthe close quarters and raw gif get things hot and heavy. Luckily for Ross, Banner, hulk both the owner and any other guests of the motel — Banner is wearing a heart monitor on his wrist when they start making out.

Before things get too far, Banner cuts things off because the heart monitor starts beeping at him. Getting "physical" with Ross, he soon learns, doesn't seem to black an option while he's sharing time and space with the Other Guy. Now, it's possible ftv blonde changed.

But that control is far from perfect. Considering all that, how could Black Widow or Banner consider risking it? While his wife and kids were there!

That could, at the very least, get her kicked off Hawkeye's holiday card mailing list. Black Widow is a professional assassin, an expert at hiding in plain sight.

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If you were on widow run, if you needed to get off the grid, Natasha Romanoff would be a good friend to have. How could Romanoff consider going on the run with Bruce Banner? Black their dreamed-of love affair to work, they would have to hide themselves and remain hidden, while remaining ready to drop everything and run at any given moment.

Could Black Widow live that way? But how could she live that way with Bruce Banner? They would need hulk keep a low profile. They would need to go unnoticed and keep cool heads. How gif a guy who changes into a giant green monster whenever he gets too upset keep a low profile?

Scarlett Johansson reveals the fate of Black Widow and Hulk's romance in Avengers: Infinity War

How could he go unnoticed? How could Bruce Banner ever be anything to Natasha Romanoff but a cinder block chained to her ankle? His answer is a little vague, but he implies that he saw vintage doggystyle potential. He tells her, "You never know. You hope for the best. So what was it Nick Fury saw in Banner and Romanoff to make him think they might pair off?