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Because girls from good families do not show skin. Which goes on to say that girls who do show skin- deserve it? Namrata Jain has studied fashion form the Peral academy of fashions in Delhi.

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She believes that nude photography has become a powerful expression of sexual freedom. Namrata is known for her black and white monochromes. The dull ache in my gut… That's how I know it's real, that we were real, this existence and reality, this soul-like connection between us, and the sadness that it ended so soon. It becomes a hunger and yearning of something i can't fully explain or understand outside the electric fibers of my being.

Perhaps grief and hunger for a different past, present, or future. Bhumika Bhatia is a portrait photographer who tries to photograph her dreams and loves darkness and everything magical. Her photography is ethereal and touches your soul. She owns a website Create Magic.

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She is a photography photographer and has worked on projects such as Sketching the human anatomy. Fond of words and always look for the right ones to string together to tell a story. Constantly in hunt of something unique nude write and read.

When not writing you will find him watching television series, reading on the internet or listening to Music. A huge Manchester United and Eminem fan. Gaurav Hingne:. View this post on Instagram. Chirag Patel. Related Posts. Related posts. Osama Al-Dughairy, a young man….

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Indian Girls Nude Photography: Inside The Studio - Part 2 - Indian Girls Club

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Arghya Majumder. Sweet and sour like orange - Limited Edition 3 of 3. Fanstasy - Limited Edition of Color of sensual woman - Limited Edition 3 of 3. Nude in paradise - Limited Edition 10 of Relaxing Nude - Limited Edition 10 of Shyness - Limited Edition 1 of 5. Enigma - Choreographing the Chiaroscuro - Limited Edition 1 of 6.

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Her latest series BAREindian people to celebrate their bodily differences as opposed to being influenced by beauty standards set by society. After surviving cancer I came out with a whole new perspective- I started loving my flaws and my body for what indian naturally is Rohan Tulpule.

Rohan Tulpulye, works with models to marry fashion and nude photography, which he believes will cultivate an appreciation for the human form. Unhinging the superficiality that is often associated with fashion photography, his work is both riveting and refreshing. Gaurav Hingne. Candid and nonchalant, his subjects seamlessly blend with their surroundings, almost evocative of a painting.

Perhaps this is because what draws Hingne to create a picture, is not the subject but the lighting that surrounds it and the shapes that form as a result. Despite producing such nuanced work Hingne, who is a commercial wedding photographer, gets flak for his work with nude. Fine video sex his personal work is taking a backseat at the moment, keep an eye out for this artist, who is bound to captivate you with its raw depiction of the human body.

Ishani Photography. For Ishani Das, her exploration of nudity in photography began with self-portraits, giving her a nude understanding of not only the human body but also herself. Its the most natural thing in the world. What also keeps Das inspired to take on nude photography is photography just like for most other photographers, it intensifies her love affair with light. Home 0? About Collaborate Join Us.