Pregnancy women in wheelchairs

Welcome to part one of our two-part series on motherhood and disability. There are 27 million women with pregnancy in the United States according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of these women will have babies independently and the old fashioned way, via cesarean or natural birth. The number of woman on social media who are pregnant on wheels is like a positive epidemic. These ladies are making love women making babies! Of course, these days, we can share the news, progress, and images wheelchairs step of the way.

This gives hope, inspiration, and courage to those who are following. Who needs a book when we can watch and learn via private Facebook groups and blogs, such as:. However, a similar number will learn that conceiving and carrying a child is not possible due to infertility, high risks of pregnancy, or complications related to their physical limitations.

Some of the health complications that a woman with a mobility disability such as paralysis might experience during pregnancy include: In addition, she may experience reduced or total inability to perform normal daily activities such as dressing, transferring to a toilet, bathing, or driving while carrying the additional weight of pregnancy. So, for many women who became disabled through accident or illness, or who were born with a physical disability, wheelchairs unfulfilled lifelong dream of having a child becomes yet one more loss.

This should not be the case. This is a challenge that needs to be examined collectively by society, and overcome in order to give these women an pregnancy opportunity to become the great mothers they are fully capable of being.

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If you are wheelchairs to conceive due to a medical condition or disability, what are the options? Some of the obstacles faced by women in search of an alternative to natural childbirth are:.

A high-end road less traveled.

Pushing Wheelchair While Pregnant

There are two main options for surrogacy: If you happen to live in a state like Arizona, surrogacy is not an option, even if you wheelchairs the money. In Arizona, Indiana, and Nebraska, surrogacy contracts are not enforceable.

Infertility Treatments: A Bump in the Road. In Rocking the Cradle: Thus, it would be expected pussy lips close up at least fourteen percent of heterosexual couples trying to conceive, in which at least one partner has a disability, are infertile during any given year, and at least one sixth of such couples will experience infertility sometime during their relationship.

In many countries, such wheelchairs France, this barrier is not an issue as fertility treatments are a covered expense. If one is unable to conceive, it is a medical condition and should be covered like any other medical issue by insurance, allowing the x rated anal sex photos of child birth to be equal for all.

But under current law, the Department of Veterans Affairs is banned from covering in vitro fertilization, sperm or egg donation and surrogacy.

Her Action can be supported here. This can pregnancy pressure insurance companies to follow suit. Katie and her boyfriend are one of those couples struggling to find a means to have the family they both dream of creating together.

Pregnancy in Women with Disabilities

Katie is now 41, and she met her boyfriend after she became paralyzed in Her symptoms began instarting with clonus, difficulty walking, and some loss of bowel and bladder function. Katie underwent surgery in and shunts were placed in her back. She wanted to stay positive and used mind over matter, but her symptoms persisted. Inher mother-in-law insisted she get a MRI. When the doctors went in to pregnancy the syrinx, they discovered it had moved higher in the neck and the shunt had gotten loose.

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Due to her new disability, Katie was unable to work and her husband left her. She was left with nowhere to go, so she moved back in with her parents. But in time, she learned to be independent again; using a wheelchair, driving, and enrolling in a MBA program.

She started dating on eHarmony, hoping to be able to love and trust again. Katie is a beautiful and vibrant redhead with a contagious smile and a noble demeanor.

Paralyzed and Pregnant: My first pregnancy as a paraplegic - The Wheelchair Mommy

When her now-boyfriend saw her as a match on eHarmony, he liked her profile. Katie and her boyfriend have now been together for four years. They share a home and have tried unsuccessfully to have a baby on their own through fertility treatments. Then, inKatie fell to the ground during a transfer when her wheelchair moved. This caused the shunt in her back to break and she underwent surgery again, resulting in a clipped cord at L1.

Her condition and function worsened. She lost all tone and spasms, and her ovulation stopped. She set out to learn more pregnancy adoption and surrogacy as possible options. One agency after another told her that this was not possible for someone in her position, namely disabled and unmarried. In a perfect world, Katie would have her medical issues under control, be working, have healthcare, be able to get married, and adopt a baby. This is still very much the possibility that she is working toward.

Women, at 42, she knows it is time to act and not wait women the perfect situation to arise before exploring another road to parenthood. Yet, with this being her first child to nurture, she is understandably afraid she will fall in love and get hurt if the baby is taken away to be returned to the parent. Another concern with foster to adopt is that many of these babies have fetal alcohol syndrome which can lead to behavior problems that would be more difficult to manage from a wheelchair.

But she has not given up, and either should we, as a society in working to overcome the issues these woman face to become the Mothers women deserve to be. We will be examining in more detail International adoption, private adoption, and foster-to-adopt.

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