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Burn it down. See a goat-fucking towel-head? That comment was ultimately removed by the moderators after receiving 17 upvotes. The thread itself is still available. They like to have lots of babies, it's one of their methods of conquering.

Once they get their numbers high enough, they will kill more often, much as ashley adams mandingo are in places across Europe… It's an assault on all white nations on Earth, white genocide. It is easy to control a singular race of brownish people with no history or culture. Put some oxytocin in Chicago's grape soda supply, and see if they stop shooting each other as much. Same goes for his Muslim mudshark. Stop licking Jew balls. From time to time, users will break into sick fantasies that read like Turner Diaries fan fiction.

You fought and won for your country. You will make Germany great again.


The left claims to lol the side of reasonable viewpoints and peace, but they sure are pretty god damn violent and irrational with all the fear mongering and vitriol. James Alex Fields, Jr. The relationship between violent speech and violent action was a central theme to many landmark free speech cases semen on boobs the 20 th century like Brandenburg v.

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