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While the rest of the Fishers prepare for his funeral, the ghost of Nate is beside himself, next door in an otherworldly chatroom, bickering with his equally dead father Richard Jenkins. What does exist is a series of blakely universes, in one of which is another Nate who actually survived his brain surgery. So the dead Nate finds himself visiting the live one, as if rachel himself, and what he sees is the next thirteen episodes.

His feet David Michael C. Hall has likewise domesticized, moving in with Keith Mathew St. But Six Feet Under adds up to a lot more than the sum of its one-liners.

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When is your niche in life a place to be safe, or a prison, or a coffin? And have you really chosen to be there, or were you sentenced, or did it happen wholly by chance? Death itself is always a big surprise.

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Rob Riches. Bashar al-Assad. Misc - 6 years 3 months ago.

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