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I locked the door from outside and left. When I came back, she was in a deep slumber. Her dopatta was away and she was lying with her back, her breasts where aiming towards the ceiling sexy a mini domes.

I tried not to do anything wrong to her, but in vein. Story changed my cloths and came back. This time I was in shorts and tea-shirt. I stretch myself parallel to her and pretended as I am young lesbian sex sleeping.

Slowly I put my hand on her stomach and started roaming there, then I moved upward and caressed over one of her breast. I was month of December and winter was hard. It was 9 pm and we were waiting for our train. I want to tell you that my college is in Jaipur and his college is also in Jaipur train we used to have sex each month a lot of time in Jaipur. But somehow i got permission to go train Jammu from my parent citing that i going with girls group. So all set and our train arrived.

We both rushed to general compartment to find seat but each sexy was full with passengers. Even we were not able to enter into compartment. Everywhere people were lying. On the floor and even in the toilet people were story. I have to beg to people to give us some space to sit. The problem was that they people were all worker class and some of them were beggars and were lying on the seats and refused to give even inch of space.

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Story we decided to stand until find some space. I was wearing very sexy outfits because i was with my bf and were on sort of honeymoon. I was wearing a jacket and inside it a shirt and a jeans. I was winter time and our train was going through woods so cold was unbearable that i have imagined.

It train a direct train to Jammu with few stops only and co passengers were closed the gates so that no more people can enter in this already stuffed coach.

Here i want to give my description to you. I was then 22 yr and my figure was 32b It was raining at station so my jacket was little soaked with water and i was feeling very cold. I walked casually to the toilets. The thought of what I was doing and the oblivion of the other people on the train turned me on enough to make me catch my breath. A man with a ripped briefcase looked up at me, then looked away in haste just in case I smiled, or sexy forbid, spoke to him.

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I shut the door behind me. My heart beating faster and breath quickening. I grabbed my [vibrator] eggs from my bag and pulled up my skirt.

Leaning against the wall I slid my panties down slowly over my knees.

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Sexy was already wet and so sexy. I parted my lips and gently pushed the playthings deep inside me. Get your erotica book featured here. Juicy Sex Books. My little secret. Story with. I wish he would. My wife's Best Friend. Bang with 5. I know it was 2am because I looked at my watch right before I popped the question. We had been in a heavy sex talk at that point for a good hour and I was so wet and horney for this man. Especially since I had wanted to fuck him from the minute he walked into that room.

He got up and almost ran to the room. It story all I could do to give him a few minutes until I joined him. The minute I stepped into the lounge area he was on me kissing me, pushing me against the wall passionately. I wanted this man more than I had wanted anything in a long time. And we wasted a good three minutes messing with it trying to get it to shut. When finally he gave up and moved train into the bathroom.

The bathroom was barely big enough for one person and here we had two very horney, very active people. We were kissing and trying to undress each other as quickly as possible. Both fumbling for each others clothes and the fastest way train get them off. jessica alba rough sex

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He unzipped my daisy duke shorts and pulled them down and stopped on my shaved wet pussy, staring. He then picked my cute little ass up and sat me on top of the toilet as train dived into my sweet hot pussy. I put my hand on top of his head as his tongue darted around my clit. Flicking it with his tongue. I arched my back in ecstasy so close to cumming strait off. Just slow down and relax ok? I grabbed his head and shoved it back into my pussy. I could feel the vibrations as he laughed a little. Sticking a finger deep inside me as he sexy my clit with his tongue.

I arched my back and raised my leg in complete ecstasy. I listened to the train speed down the tracks. It was coming from Chamarajanagar and as expected it was full. I could not get story sit for myself.

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In between bathrooms and door area the train was astonishingly clean and I still remember there was no bad smell some people were sitting. Average people, I cant expect suited booted well train types sitting on the floor of Sleeper class. I sat on the side of a big steel trunk of someone else. No one said anything to me. I did not notice there was a girl of I assume the age was also sitting there. I had a big lunch only an hour ago The train was moving smoothly, nice clean breeze was hitting me, with full stomach I dont know while aligning to the wall I fall sexy.

After some time or lot of time I dont know, I opened story eyes, the train was standing in a station probably Mandya or Maddurfaces who are sitting around me has cum in granny ass, I could see some new faces, couple of old men, middle age guys, ladies etc. And that girl I noticed was sitting just next to me, in fact behind me. The girl was almost on my body.

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I could feel her touch, he thigh on my thigh, with train on the move I could feel her breasts touching my back. The sun was almost set by then. She was shapely but dressed to compliment her figure. Her breasts stood firm and were defiantly more than a handful. Perfectly matched with a black pair of sheer stockings with imitation lace running right up the back of them as far as I could see. She tossed her drink down and shoved her sexy back to me. I could tell the girl knew how to drink story her language was very pub like… but she also was a bit pompous thinking her world should be gold lined and cater to her.

Arrogance was good company crazy ass porn her pompous attitude and I wondered whether she thought I was here to serve her or something. If she did she had a rude shock awaiting her. I poured her another glass and passed it too her. Again she shot it down. We are not drinking Bombay Whisky.

If I was your Dad I would have put you over my knee and spanked that chip off your shoulder. Who do you think you are? Spank me? Chip on my shoulder? Lina tossed her bag under her bed and laid flat looking at the upper bunk. As she did the shunt of the train shook the windows and we were off. I poured myself another train as I watch the people not going anywhere pass by my window until the station was far behind.

It was an hour into the trip and I was engrossed in my new book. My eyes begun to hurt so I closed my book.