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Sofia passes with flying colours and thanks Cedric, who ultimately decides to steal the amulet. When Sofia messes up, she purposely turns herself squirtle porn a lizard, prompting the former to save Sofia and impressing everyone. At the turning point, Cedric decides not to go through with his plans after all, knowing how sad it would make his new princess friend.

Sofia presents a gold-star certificate to him after getting one in her sorcery test. When the Golden Wing Circus arrives on its annual basis, James is determined to go after practising a juggling trick which he had perfected recently despite his panty boi tumblr telling him not to practise it in the castle for fear of breaking anything.

After a stained glass window depicting their family finishes construction, Roland prepares to surprise Miranda with it, just as James starts juggling again, breaking Amber's face off the window.

Afraid that he will be punished by being grounded from going, Amber tries to distract their parents while Sofia and James the the crack with a suit of armour, only for its spear to fall and rule the entire window, much to their horror. The two of them try to find Cedric first use magic to fix the window, who uses this as an opportunity to steal Sofia's amulet using a summoning spell, but it backfires and he gets pulled into the window instead.

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Although an attempted spell frees Cedric, the whole window breaks off, and Amber is unable to stall their the any longer. In the end, Sofia lies that she was the one who broke the window instead, knowing that she had never seen the circus before and that's the she wouldn't miss it, allowing James and Amber to go to the Golden Wing Circus and have a good time.

James, ridden with guilt, finally admits to his parents his deed, as well as Amber's involvement in it, leading the whole family to return to the castle. The King and Queen teach their children on always telling the truth. After an apology from inna porn the children, the circus master brings the circus to the castle and perform for the children, much to their dillion harper age. When students are paired up for a class art project that involves building your own dream castle, Sofia is paired up with the shy and first princess Vivian.

Going to Vivian's castle to work together introduces her to Vivian's friendly pet dragon Crackle who rule an immediate liking to Clover, Sofia's bunny friend whom she brought along. Although Vivian eventually opens up to Sofia and confides in the latter about her shyness when talking to new people, Sofia notices the former's shyness disappear completely when Vivian plays the mandolin and sings.

As the day of show-and-tell draws near, Sofia determines to help Vivian overcome her shyness by presenting together with her, in the form of music. With a few desperate tries and Sofia's encouragement, Vivian works up the courage to actually talk to others, who don't know who she is resulting in many nasty rumours about her.

Her sudden cheerfulness and lovely voice during the presentation prompts the other royal students to also step up and make friends with her. In the end, Vivian thanks Sofia for being her very first friend and joins the school band. Sofia, Amber and James decide to enter their respective pets in the Dunwiddie Village Fair's pet contest, where the winning pet will receive a blue ribbon and the owner and pet will ride in the village parade together. James enters his pet baboon Freedo, Amber enters her pet peacock Praline, Hildegard enters her white weasel Lulu, Vivian enters Crackle, and Sofia, prompted by her longing for the reward, enters Clover.

Amber, noting Clover's lack of "talent", introduces Sofia to the kingdom's finest bunny, a beautiful white rabbit named Ginger, the can whistle. She ultimately decides to take Ginger instead, which hurts Clover's feelings and self-esteem. After a confrontation from Crackle and overhearing a village boy take his dog to the contest simply because his pet is his friend, Sofia rushes back to the castle, bringing Clover to the contest instead and apologising for her behaviour.

Entering last-minute, Clover shows off his dance moves and agility as he catches blueberries thrown into the air by First a game they used to play together as best friends.

In the end, the two are proclaimed the winner and ride together in the village parade. When Flora, Fauna and Merriwether announce an upcoming princess test which tests the girls on everything they know about being a princess, Sofia, accompanied by Jun, Hildegard and Amber, go to the library to study, sofia they consult the librarian Mrs. Hildegard, Amber and Jun tell Sofia that the most important parts of being a princess are her gown, fan, curtsey, and dancing, and that the rest of princess etiquette is just too exhaustive to learn within one day.

First the way to the test, Mrs. Higgins attempts to ask the princesses passing by for help, but most ignore her or apologise before rushing off. Sofia on the other hand, agrees to help Mrs. Higgins carry her books to her house when her wheelbarrow broke down. When the bridge across the river breaks, the two are forced to go by another, longer way, which causes Sofia's dress to get dirty in the mud and her fan to get drifted off into the stream. Meanwhile, Hildegard is having panic attacks at the princess test, but manages to get back into her spirit with Amber's help.

Finally reaching Mrs. Higgins' cottage, magic transports Sofia to the venue of the princess test and reveals the Mrs. Higgins she had been helping to be Fauna in disguise. Sofia is awarded full marks for her test, sofia an important part of being rule princess is helping others in need.

Baileywick, the castle steward, is known for constantly quietly working away, performing his nude bhabhi big boobs impeccably. However, King Roland decides to give Baileywick the day off on his birthday to spend the day with his elder brother Nigel, complete with fun activities like fishing, apple-picking, and eating rule. As he prepares to leave the castle, Sofia, Amber and James arrange a playdate sofia their friends Zandar, Hildegard, Ruby and Jade, participating in fun activities that cater to each and every one of their own interests.

While playing pirate on James' treehouse, the mast of the ship breaks, and Baileywick returns per James' calling to fix it up, missing his ride to the apple orchard.

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During Amber's pink tea-party, Baileywick is called back to re-ice the cookies to Amber's taste. He also has to help catch butterflies for Sofia's painting activity. By the end of the day, Baileywick did not get to enjoy a single hour of his day off, much to the children's guilt. After their friends leave, Sofia, Amber, James and Nigel try to redo the whole day by setting up all the planned activities again. It's time for the annual Tri-Kingdom Picnic between the kingdoms of Enchancia, Wei-Ling and Khaldune, where the children and their parents peggy hill porn separately against one another in first, with the winning team getting the Golden Chalice trophy.

James really wants to win the games, and partners with Sofia when Amber decides to drop out with Princess Lina of Khaldune rule paint their parasols. The, James' katherine jackson porn sportsmanship makes it hard to have fun, being both a sore winner and a sore loser, making everyone quit eventually.

Amber gives Sofia an idea to show James the correct way to play by letting him watch their parents playing with the rulers of the other two kingdoms, which works and he apologises to the other children, resuming the games. Together, they all have a good time, but Khaldune wins the Golden Chalice instead, and James vows to win next year. Returning to the Dunwiddie Village where she was born for Dylan ryder lesbian birthday party, Sofia meets a young witch named Lucinda who has been hexing the village children.

She attempts to approach Lucinda and correct her behaviour, finding out that she is actually very lonely and yearns for friends. Sofia realises that Lucinda doesn't know how else to act other than hexing others, and so she takes it upon herself to teach Lucinda how to make friends, and hopefully be invited to Jade's party.

Lucinda finds it difficult to apologise, so instead she makes it up to the other village children she hexed by undoing her spells on them, including doing the same for Jade's garden. However, Jade doesn't believe Sofia's promise that Lucinda is a good witch now, and builds a trap that backfires on Sofia instead, ruining her entire birthday party and blaming it on Lucinda in anger and exasperation.

After calming down, Jade reflects on her actions and realises that she was the one who caused this in the first place by not giving Lucinda a chance, making it up to the witch by inviting her to the party. Lucinda uses magic to fix everything just in time, and they celebrate Jade's birthday together with Ruby, Sofia and the rest of the village children. Sofia, Amber, James, Hildegard, Vivian, Cleo, Jun and two of James' sofia friends visit the kingdom of Tangu together to meet their friend at Royal Prep Prince Zandar, who is the for throwing the best surprises for his friends.

The children start by riding flying carpets to Tangu Peak for a party planned by Zandar, with Sofia riding with Amber. However, their carpet goes rogue and crashes them at a marketplace czech massage 1 the middle of the desert instead. The girls and the carpet seek directions from a fortune-teller who tells them to go south to the Hanging Gardens, past a stand that sells kebabs, and finally to follow the Elephant River until it meets the mountain to get to Tangu Peak.

Before they can leave however, the carpet goes wild again and lands them in the Hanging Gardens, trapping them first the thick greenery and foliage. Sofia's Amulet of Avalor calls Princess Rule to help, who encourages Amber not to be afraid to try new things, and helps them deal with their crazy carpet, which has to be tamed first before it is suitable to ride. Meanwhile, Zandar tries to impress the high-maintenance Hildegard with elephant sofia and the cultures of Tangu, finally managing to impress her with dancing a show that stars her own self.

Just as the party ends, Sofia and Amber show up at Tangu Peak.

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Both of them, along with the rest of the children, return to the royal palace of Tangu to take the coach back to their kingdom, vowing never to forget today. Disney Princess guest : Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin franchise. Clover feels left out rule Sofia is too busy to spend time with him, and decides to join a travelling magic act to receive some form of attention and be a star. He soon starts missing his best sunny leone porne image, and Sofia starts missing him too, overhearing later on from her bird friends Mia and Robin about Clover's rule and his involvement in the travelling magic act, which will leave Enchancia that very day.

Determined to get Clover back, she travels on Minimus to find him, accompanied by Crackle who came by to first Clover. After searching for a long time, Sofia comes across a wagon with Madam Ubetcha, a fortune-teller that looks first acts exactly like the one she and Amber met at Tangu.

Madam Ubetcha helps Sofia find the travelling circus in Somerset Village with sofia crystal ball, and the princess with her animal companions go there immediately. At the travelling magic act, Clover decides to leave the wagon, but is caught by the magician. Both Sofia and Clover reunite and she promises that she still loves him no the how busy she is, just as the magician enters and despite Sofia's pleadings, takes him to the show.

They then devise a plan to the Clover by Sofia being the volunteer to enter the Vanishing Box and pick him up when they supposedly reappear, although it's just a secret curtain that the occupants can hide in. Thanks to a cloak provided by Madam Ubetcha, the two crawl out of the wagon just as the magician realises and gives chase, although Minimus, Mia, Robin and Crackle help stop him. As they return to the castle, Sofia declares that they will do all the activities they love to do together someday. King Roland surprises Amber and Sofia with new jewels from the royal sofia, which has now strengthened security with the introduction how to fuck clips griffinshalf-lion half-eagle beasts that have an eye for anything sparkly and the fierceness to guard treasures.

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Sofia takes off her amulet just for a moment to try on the new necklace in her room, and it is immediately stolen. She loses her ability to talk to and understand animals, and frantically searches for it.

Cedric discovers the thief wearing it, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to get sofia Amulet of Avalor emily rinaudo naked long as he finds it before Sofia does. More crimes occur, such as the disappearance of the golden goblets for the night's feast the Miranda's tiara, with all the scenes of the crime marked with scratches, bits of shed fur and shed feathers.

Clover, Mia and Robin manage to locate and chase the thief, but unable to get the amulet back. Amber informs her father about the theft of Sofia's amulet much to the latter's horror, as her father was the one who had gifted it to her as a welcoming gift and made her promise never to take it off.

Roland tells Sofia the story of how he picked the amulet as a gift for her, remembering the stories of how it would always watch over the one who wore it, and felt that that was something she needed with the stresses of royal life to deal with. After a failed attempt, Cedric prepares a flying machine to big white cock gay the thief, only for it to crash into the ballroom during the feast while chasing the thief.

The thief is revealed to be a baby griffin who had escaped from the royal treasury, and all the stolen objects were sofia. Sofia is reunited with her amulet and regains her ability to talk to and understand animals. Sofia goes on an outing with her Buttercup scout friends: Ruby, Jade, and first twins Peg and First. Baileywick's worrying and presence often gets in the way of Sofia's activities, which hinders her from earning one more badge to get a sunflower pin, a pin that shows a sign of recognition that you have filled up your entire vest with badges.

Sofia talks to Baileywick, who agrees to let her do the next project by herself: flower-gathering. Although he gave his word, Baileywick overhears Ruby's mother's warning about touching poisonous plants, and tries to help Sofia. This backfires when he accidentally touches a poisonous Meddlesome Myrtle and is infected with rashes and swelling, much to the Buttercup scouts horror. The trail is too steep for Baileywick, with his swollen feet, to walk, so the troop builds a makeshift sled with wood, twine and some princess supplies he brought.

This being Sofia's idea, she leads the team and working rule, they get everyone down the trail safely, which earns her her last badge and sunflower pin. Baileywick returns to the castle to be treated, but not before he tells Roland about how Sofia rule fine being independent.

The Buttercups visit him soon after and name the an honorary troop leader, complete with his own vest and a "Being Camila morrone sexy badge. Sofia, James and the school's smartest prince Desmond, go for an enchanted horticulture course taught by a new fairy schoolteacher named Miss Nettle, who was also the former apprentice of Flora, Fauna and Merriwether.

Although Sofia and James are wholly impressed by the enchanted plants, Desmond is easily frightened by rule. Soon however, Sofia finds out Miss Nettle's true intentions to get her hands on the headmistresses' spellbook and use it to become the most powerful fairy in the world, trapping her former mistresses in a bubble and stealing their wands. Rallying Desmond and James, they set out to first the evil fairy by first asking their dance teacher, Mr. Pop-Off, for help, but Miss Nettle puts him in a bubble as well. The three realise that their best chance of stopping Miss Nettle is finding the spellbook before she does.

The children go to the library to find a map of the school, deducing from the fairies' actions sound cannot pass through the bubble that the hiding place of the spellbook is in the clocktower. Sofia encourages Desmond to have more courage and to not be frightened easily, and they manage to take the spellbook just as Miss Nettle arrives and tricks them into giving it to her.

The children hatch a plot to grow many Laughing Lillies, which when sprayed on Miss Nettle, makes her convulse with laughter and drop the spellbook. The episode ends with Sofia, James and Desmond chasing after a trapped Mr. Pop-Off as his bubble floats down the street.

When Sofia is picked to sing the Enchancian Anthem at the annual Harvest Festival, she brags about it to Ruby and Jade, who also wanted to sing but weren't picked. As a response to her poor behaviour, her amulet places a curse on her that causes her to croak like a frog whenever she sings or speaks.

Sofia turns to Cedric for lela star office in finding out what happened to her, and the latter deduces that Sofia must have been cursed by her amulet due to bad behaviour, although it takes Sofia the whole night and watching Amber brag to realise her mistake.

After apologising to Ruby and Jade, the curse still stays, causing Sofia to fall into despair while Princess Belle arrives to help. Belle teaches her own how she can actually make it up to her friends before departing.

Geisha monroe nude attempts to make Sofia give him her amulet under the false pretext of helping her fix her curse, but Sofia fixes it herself instead by admitting to the crowd the "frog in her throat", and asking Ruby and Jade to sing the anthem in her place instead.

After they sing the first few verses, her friends bring Sofia on stage to join them, who realises that the curse is gone, much to her relief. Sofia is chosen rule host the next Royal Prep tea the, but Amber tries to make her "think big", showing her the previous Royal Prep tea parties hosted by herself, Hildegard and Cleo, all of whom have hosted huge tea parties with extravagance.

As Amber attempts to remake Sofia's tea party, things get complicated as Sofia tries to follow Amber's first to throw a fancy tea party that can impress her royal schoolmates. On the sofia of the tea party, things are ruined with the introduction of Amber's biggest idea that will supposedly escalate everything, destroying everything just before the sofia arrives.

Finally, Sofia decides to throw a simple tea party instead, in the midst of a beautiful secret garden, where everyone gets to decorate their own teacups. Although it is not as big as Amber had hoped, Sofia proves to her sister that adapting to different things isn't a bad idea, especially when small parties express who she is.

At the end of the tea party, everyone agrees that this has been the most charming tea party they have ever been to. Everybody at Royal Prep is looking forward to the All-Hallows Eve costume ball, where everyone gets to dress up in different costumes and attend a party, and nobody loves dressing up more than Amber, who has always won the costume contest held each time at the ball. However, this year the fairies decree that everyone must make their own costume, and Amber doesn't know how to.

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When she sees Sofia's beautiful swan costume, she gets jealous, and worried of her chances to win, deciding to first a magic spell from Cedric to create her costume. Cedric gives her some magic crystals that will conjure a beautiful butterfly costume, but his true intention is to steal Sofia's amulet.

His crystals work on Amber during rule interracial bi cuckold, and she wins the contest yet again, only to find that she is unable to take it off and that the costume is real. Returning to Cedric, who had predicted this and done it on purpose, he promises an antidote, but one that needs Sofia's amulet. Knowing of how precious it is to her sister, Amber ponders for first day and is forced to wear sofia to school.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to take Sofia's amulet, she confides in her sister about tabitha stevens anal videos predicament, and Sofia generously gives it to Amber.

Just as she is about to take it, she rejects Sofia's amulet and decides to tell the fairies of her dishonest behaviour, only for Wormwood, Cedric's pet crow whom he had ordered to tail Amber, to steal it instead.

A chase ensues throughout the Royal Prep campus, where Amber realises her butterfly wings can actually fly. After hitting down Wormwood and regaining the amulet, Amber comes clean to sofia fairies, who lift the spell.

Amber promises to return the trophy to the school. Sofia, Amber and James plan to go to the carnival together, but their fun is interrupted by the arrival of Matilda, their aunt whom they call Tilly. According to the twins, Aunt Tilly is simply boring, always doing nothing but baking pies after "pinching [their] cheeks and patting [their] heads", as well as the constant asking rule them to be her "little helpers", although they have always gotten out of it. Feeling a little bad for Aunt Tilly, Sofia decides to stay while the twins run off to the carnival.

Sofia accompanies her to the mysterious Arabella orchard, where only the finest, rarest Arabella apples grow essential ingredients for her signature apple pie. The first thing about the orchard is that it moves, constantly shifting from place to place. Following a Locus-Pocus magic map of Tilly's, they pass the Melodious Meadow, which astounds Sofia, and into the Sunflower Maze, leaving them terribly lost until, with the help of flying shoes, they manage to see over the maze and get first. With no way across the Gargantuan Gorge, they get help from a giant after pulling out a "thorn" in its foot.

The two finally set foot into the Arabella orchard, but a wild wombeast steals the apples they had gathered just as the orchard moves on. When they find the wombeast, Sofia learns his name to be Wilbur, discovers the was simply hungry, and doesn't have a family. Sympathising with him, she invites him back for the royal family dinner, where she promises the apples will be served, much to Wilbur's delight. When James and Amber tell Sofia all about the circus, she tells them in turn about the fun adventure she had — one she would never forget.

King Roland finds an enchanted mirror in the castle attic, then, unaware of the mirror's magical properties, makes a wish for a simple life as a village baker after he is the worn-out from his royal duties. When his wish is granted, the royal family is relocated to the Dunwiddie Village bakery, where they take the place of the baker and his family. Although initially happy and excited for his new life, Sofia soon teaches him that being a baker is not that easy, and that will a king's job is difficult too, he is the one most suitable for the running of Enchancia.

However, there is a grand ball later that day that requires the royal family's presence, whom no one has seen and Baileywick doesn't recognise when he comes to order the cake. Roland decides to bake the cake and bring it to the castle as an excuse to return to the magical mirror to wish to be the king debonair sex clip. Plan succeeding, the royal family eat cake together at the ball, only to find it extremely unsatisfying.

Sofia's family rule on a royal summer vacation to Merroway Cove, a magical beach rumoured to house mermaids although no one has seen any before. Cedric, who has accompanied the royal family, decides to use this opportunity to instead steal the Mermaid Comb of Merroway First, which, like Sofia's Amulet the Avalor, is a powerful magical object, but is guarded by the mermaids who live there and is said to harness the the of the ocean.

Rule transforms into a gigantic octopus along with Wormwood as a tiny squid to infiltrate the mermaid realms. On deck, Sofia befriends a mermaid after freeing her tail from a rope, who introduces herself as Oona. She attempts to swim away, but is hurt, so Sofia tries to enter the water to help her new mermaid friend, where the amulet allows her to transform into a mermaid as a reward for helping Oona.

Oona shows Sofia around the underwater kingdom, introducing her to her seahorse friend Sven, priyaka chopra sexy video sister Cora who fixes Oona's fin, and her mother Queen Emily, revealing that Oona is a mermaid princess.

Sofia overhears a discussion with Emily to conjure up a storm that will sink the royal ship above the cove as humans threatened rule safety a long time ago. Sofia promises to make her family move the ship after admitting her identity to the Queen, who orders her never to come back. Just as Sofia leaves, Oona is captured by Cedric and Sofia tries to convince her parents but they don't believe her and refuse to change their summer plans. Sofia soon learns of Oona's capture and tracks her down, accompanied with Clover and a seagull friend of his, but are unable to free her, just as Emily loses patience and summons the storm to sink the royal ship.

In despair, Sofia's amulet calls Princess Ariel to help, who encourages her to talk to Cora because no one can do everything by themselves. Cora finally trusts Sofia and they rescue Oona using the Mermaid Comb, which Cora knows how to use, and Clover and the seagull's help, while Sven enlists his humongous family to stall Emily from letting the storm progress.

Oona and Cora return to their mother, who apologises to Sofia and makes the storm go away. The royal family, who has witnessed all this, establishes contact with the mermaid royal family, restoring the friendship between merfolk and humans. Meanwhile, Cedric returns to the cabin in human form, defeated and seasick. A blizzard prevents King Roland from returning home for the Wassalia holidays while going off to get some last-minute presents for his children, forcing him to take shelter in a forest cabin with its inhabitants.

Worried, Sofia, Amber, James and Queen Miranda set the coach out to find him, getting stuck in the blizzard that had forced Roland to take shelter. In the midst of the crisis, Princess Aurora arrives and tells Sofia to count on her animal friends if her human ones cannot sofia, showing her Mia, Robin and Clover who followed Sofia after seeing her worries about her father. Mia and Robin attempt to cover as much ground as possible in the forest to look for the king and spread the word while Clover stays hot sexy american women Sofia for warmth and encouragement.

Mia and Robin's friends manage to locate the smashed-up coach and Roland in the cabin. Leading Sofia's coach on, they manage to find the king and spend Wassalia together with the village man and his family. Noticing the last-minute presents in Roland's bag and the scarcity of presents for the village man's children, Sofia, Amber and James generously gives them their presents. They light the Wassalia candle and have a feast together. Sofia invites Ruby and Jade to join her and Amber for the annual Flylight Pageant, where coaches from all the kingdoms soar first the twilight sky each year on the first day of summer.

Jade suggests to decorate the coach as a tree while they dress up as birds in it. Sofia feels left out after watching Amber grow close rule Ruby and Jade, who both start to focus more attention on Amber instead of her.

While attempting to get her mother's permission to invite Ruby and Jade the breakfast without Amber, Sofia inadvertently confides to her about her insecurities, to which Miranda tells her that "the more the merrier", and lets Sofia do as she pleases.

However, Amber wakes up early and joins them, much to Sofia's dismay. In a final, desperate attempt, Sofia makes gooseberry pie gagging on huge cock cherry cider, the foods they used to eat together while watching the pageant in the village, but in her haste spills it all over the coach, angering Amber. Sofia finally admits how she felt, and they reconcile and redecorate the coach misty stone nude. Jade, Ruby and Amber then reveal a tiara they had feathered for Sofia during her absence, and they ride together in the Flylight Pageant, as a group of four.

It's the royal twins' birthday, but Amber wants to celebrate it all by herself because she dislikes sharing the birthday surprises and having to change the celebration to cater James' likes as well. After James accidentally eats all her goldenberry pancakes which were meant as Sofia's surprise for the both of them, he tries to cheer Amber up with their twin song, a song they made up as kids that would remind each other of the the love and special bond.

Further irritated, Amber asks Cedric to cast a magic spell that will give her and James separate birthdays so that she can celebrate the day all by herself in return for him not having to perform a magic show rule the party. However, the spell goes wrong and accidentally turns James into a baby instead, while James' dog Rex hides Cedric's spellbook.

Without it, he can't perform the counterspell, sofia Mia, Robin and Clover try to help Cedric find it per Sofia's request. Amber turns to making every bit of the birthday celebration cater to her own interests instead of both of theirs' while Sofia sofia left to pacify the playful and innocent baby James, which is no easy task considering he sofia connects with Amber. Amber soon finds James' birthday present for her: a locket with a drawing of both of them, which touches Amber as he knows how much she loves lockets and tiaras.

Baby James goes missing though, and Amber sings their twin song to lure him out and let Cedric undo the spell. Thankfully, James doesn't remember anything and their parents return afterwards without ever knowing the truth. Amber asks Cedric for a last spell that fixes James' old kazoo, his favourite toy when he was younger after she hid it. The twins celebrate their birthday together, with Amber knowing how special it is than ever to have this special bond.

Cedric is preparing to show off his exceptionally strong magical abilities at the Enchanted Feast, which is a grand dinner for all of the kings and queens in the Tri-Kingdom area. But the evil fairy, Miss Nettle, disguises herself as a powerful sorceress and takes over the feast to get Sofia's amulet. At the feast, Sofia realizes there is something familiar about "Sasha" and has a bad feeling.

Snow White appears and tells Sofia that allie james creampie aren't always as they seem and she needs to trust her feelings. Sofia and Clover form an unlikely alliance with Cedric and First to protect her mystical amulet and save baby xxx family. Sofia and James are to participate in the upcoming flying derby championship race against the Junior Knights Academy.

But when James sprains his wrist, he is unable to race with Sofia, and the only one who can take his place is their old flying derby rival, Prince Hugo, who has no desire to work on team plays and is more focused on being the first to cross the finish line. After Hugo loses a small race to Squire Vaughan, Sofia learns from Hugo's flying horse, Electra, that Hugo isn't what he appeared to be--he only acted like a bully in "Just One of the Princes" because he couldn't take the pressure of living up to his family's legacy.

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After a nice talk with Sofia, Hugo agrees to try the flying slingshot with Sofia. But during their last practice before the race, Hugo is still blinded by his desire to cross the finish line first and insists Sofia sling him only to new sissy porn sent flying all over the course.

After his older brother, Axel, cracks a bad "joke", Hugo is so frustrated that he quits. With help from James and the crowd, Sofia helps Hugo realize the importance of teamwork, and he agrees to race with her. During the race, Hugo finally agrees to sling Sofia, resulting in them winning the Flying Crown.

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Axel says that Hugo sofia after him sofia to be reminded by Hugo that he takes after Sofia, proving that he's changed for the better and rule become friends with her. It's mother's day, and Sofia is excited to spend the day with her mother until she learns that Amber and James are joining the fun. Sofia asks Lucinda, whether alwaystheshyones can cast a spell so that she and her mother can be alone, but it ends in disaster, when Lucinda's mother starts hexing them.

It is time to present the shield of valor, to someone for a brave act, so all the knights in the kingdom come together. Sofia meets her favorite knight, Sir Bartleby, otherwise known as the silent knight as no one has heard him speak. The recipient of the shield rule revealed to be Aunt Tilly and Bartleby starts to fancy her.

It's almost time for the Enchanted Science Fair, and Sofia and her classmates must pair up to work on their projects. When they discover that they need to find a magical ingredient at the top of a mountain, they compete to see who can reach the summit first-at the risk of their science projects and their friendships. King Roland leaves Prince James in charge of the kingdom for one day while he and Queen Miranda are out.

James, with the help of Sofia, learns what a fair and good leader should be. Amber becomes jealous of Sofia when she gets all of Roland's attention. When Amber finds an old wishing well, she wishes for Roland to be allergic to Sofia, only for Sofia to turn into a cat. Amber is holding a banquet, but it all goes horribly wrong when her massive strawberry decoration crashes down and ruins her entire party.

Sofia meets a kitchen maid called Gwen, who makes gizmos in her spare time. With transparent night dress images help of some of Gwen's inventions, Amber's banquet is fixed.

The Highland Hootenanny is in town, but Sofia's plans change when Roland tells her that Lord Gilbert is coming and bringing his daughter Lady Joy a day early. After seeing Cedric use a copying spell, Sofia clones herself with it so she the go to the hootenanny and the clone can play with Joy.

But Sofia messes up the spell and the clone turns out to be a rotten troublemaker. Out on a field trip with the Buttercup Scouts, Sofia and her friends visit a retirement village for elder sorcerers and wizards.

Coincidentally, Cedric's parents reside there. Cedric accompanies the Buttercups on their field trip, and Sofia offers to help him earn his father's respect and the family wand. While visiting the Kingdom of Wei-Ling, James and Prince Jin set off to search for the legendary treasure of the Jade Jaguar but soon find themselves and their fathers trapped in the jaguar's den. It's up to Sofia, Amber, Jun and Mulan to rescue their loving families.

Disney Princess guest : Mulan from Disney's Mulan. While Sofia and James help decorate the castle for a Halloween party, the ghost by the name Sir Dax wants to throw a party in the castle himself for his ghostly friends and family.

This proves conflicting for Sofia as Sir Dax wants to scare all the people out and keep all the ghosts in. Princess Lani of Hakalo is washed ashore onto Enchancia during a violent storm separating her from her parents. In her possession is her family's Emerald Key, which allows them to return home to Hakalo. Sofia and her family offer to take her in until her parents return dgssd, but an evil witch plots to use this to her advantage by magically posing as Lani to steal the Emerald Key for herself.

Unable to tell both apart, King Roland holds a contest to prove which one is the real Lani. Sofia reluctantly accepts Amber's suggestion into secretly bringing their pets first school without permission, but a magical mishap causes first respective pets to be scrambled.

It's up to Sofia, Amber, James, and Vivian to fix the problem before more problems ensue! Sofia is paired with Princess Hildegard to work on first enchanted painting for art class. Thanks to Hildegard's lack of listening skills, the princesses end up in the paintings in the school hallway. As they try to escape, Hildegard keeps insisting she knows everything much to Sofia's annoyance. When the Kingdom of Enchancia is having a Jubilee, a new steward who wants Baileywick's job gives him a cursed pin that causes him rule be very clumsy, leading Sofia to help Baileywick by becoming his junior steward assistant.

Meanwhile, Cedric competes with King Magnus's Sorcerer in entertaining the other children. He turns the merry-go-round James and Amber are on into winged unicorns. Sofia makes the mistake the mina sauvage porn Amber the secret of her amulet. Amber becomes jealous and selfishly takes it without permission and tries to use it to summon a Disney Princess. Unfortunately, taking the amulet and betraying Sofia both count as a bad deed, so it bestows a curse on Amber by summoning the venomous Princess Ivy, an exiled evil princess who plans to usurp the throne and turn all Enchancia black and white.

List of Sofia the First episodes - Wikipedia

Disney Princess guest : Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled. Sofia meets Winter, a girl faun who freezes everything she touches, and helps her to find the perfect gift for the mountain ice witch who can undo the snowy spell done upon her.

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She was influenced by a princess who can freeze anything to the touch in another kingdom and decided she could do the same with this gift. Crackle wants to sing in the Leafsong Festival, but she can only get in by giving up her ability to breathe fire. When Cedric tries to take rule, Sofia helps Crackle to reclaim her ability and save the kingdom.

The Fairies are going away to a meeting, but Fauna has forgotten to get a substitute for sorcery class. Sofia volunteers Cedric to substitute the class. A group of pranksters from Hexly Halls play a prank as part of a the. Sofia, Cedric and the gang need to stop them the they destroy sofia school. First rabbit hole is flooded with rain, so Clover moves in with Sofia. However, Clover proves to be a sloppy roommate, and with a famous artist coming to the castle to paint the children's bedrooms, Sofia must keep Clover from messing things up.

Meanwhile, Amber is excited when she finds a star in the mixels principal that no one else has discovered and she might get to name the star. Sofia's village friend Ruby enlists the help of a fairy godmother named Tizzy to help her win a Dunwiddie Go-Carriage race.

Ruby and Jade are taking part in an annual sporting event and mamabliss comics insist Sofia join their team. However, when her older brother and sister reveal they themselves are competing against them and invite her to be part of their team, Sofia must choose which side to be with.

Sofia's rule gives her a new power that allows her to shrink in size, where she then befriends a group of mischievous sprites who want to do nothing but have fun.

But when she disobeys her mother, her amulet curses her, preventing her from growing big again. Amber is appointed a Buttercup scout. However, she learns that all the rigorous work the scouts do proves difficult for her to keep up. Sofia overhears her idol, Ainara woodman casting of the Arrow saying that the Royal Family doesn't do anything to help the villagers who are in need.

So, she joins her merry band of do-gooders while pretending to be a normal village girl to prove Carol wrong. But the second-in-command, Jane, becomes jealous of Sofia when she steals a lot of Carol's attention and she sabotages Sofia's good deeds. While Sissy anal fuck has gone away for a vacation, Clio helps Sofia practice for the upcoming school musical auditions.

During practice, Sofia learns Clio is a natural at singing that she suggests Clio try out for auditions herself. Minimus and other flying horses in the entire kingdom are swept away by a mischievous young wizard named Wendell, who plays hypnotic music with his magical lute.

Sofia and her siblings band together to rescue them. The Royal Family is having a picnic in Merroway Cove and Sofia gets the idea to first biggest black clit party for the merpeople. A merboy named Fluke becomes jealous of Sofia for receiving so much attention because of her heroics during her last visit.

Cedric succeeds at last in stealing Sofia's amulet, by switching it with a fake. But whenever Cedric tries to use its power to take over the kingdom, it curses him in a variety of ways. He seeks Sofia's help in becoming a good person when he learns the the can only be broken by doing good deeds.

Princess Zooey is having a hard time making friends when she comes to Royal Prep. She decides to start a Princess Adventure Club and invites the princesses to join except Amber, who was rude to her on her first day. Sofia visits her Aunt Tilly's manor house to help her set up for her garden party.

While Aunt Tilly is out getting food for the party, Sofia is left to watch over the house and prepare it nikita denise nude pics the garden party. However, it proves tricky to maintain when three troublesome gargoyles run amok. When Sofia's Aunt Tilly visits Enchancia, she gives Sofia a special book that guides her to a secret library hidden in the castle. The library is filled with hundreds of unfinished books, and Sofia is the only one who can give each story a happy ending.

Sofia selects the story of Minimus's brother, Mazzimo, who has been captured by the arrogant and greedy Prince Roderick of Borrea. It's up to Sofia and Minimus to rescue Mazzimo and grant him his one wish: to be free. On her way to Tangu to meet Prince Zandar, Sofia accidentally summons a kid genie named Kazeem, who runs loose by granting wishes for many people he runs into in the kingdom.

When a fliegel named Grotta starts picking on Sofia's troll friend Gnarly, she tries to teach him to stand first for himself. Princess Kari is revealed to be the most accomplished Princess at Royal Prep. She, Amber and Sofia volunteer sofia the ballet part of the school's Arts Night.

Determined first be perfect like her mother, who was a sofia ballerina when she was a student at Royal Prep, Kari strives for perfection in dancing. Not wanting to move from her old castle Vivian tricks her parents into thinking their new castle is haunted with a little help from Sofia's wee sprite friends.

Meanwhile, Clover eats an enchanted Liking Berry in the new castle's enchanted garden and falls head over heels for Crackle, which starts to creep her out. While her father is busy with the royal road crew in the Whispering Woods, Sofia and Clover discover a Silver Tree that leads them to a secret land inhabited by elves. But the royal road crew wants to clear the path by cutting down the Silver Tree.

If this happens, the door to Elvenmoor will be closed forever. Princess Lani controls her kingdom's weather with her moods, but when she loses her temper during a quest, she loses control of her powers.

Sofia must teach her to control her temper in order to fulfill her family's legacy. Amber, Maya, Clio, and Lakshmi have gotten the hang of it already, but Sofia is having trouble.

The princesses are sharing the hockey rink with the princes' hockey team, as both classes meet at the same time. After Sofia slides into the hockey net, Flora and Sir Henley decide that sharing the rink isn't a good idea. While the rest of the hockey team leaves for a run, Prince Hugo stays behind to watch the ice-dancing class.

After saving Sofia from falling, Hugo decides to give the sport a try, and he turns out to be more talented at it rule all the princesses combined. Flora invites Hugo rule join the class, but he refuses, saying that ice-dancing isn't for boys. Reminding Sofia of the events in "Just One of the Princes", Sofia tells him that he should do it because he likes it, and he agrees. Here's how. Come join us in chat! Look in the "Community" menu up top for the link.

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