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Tell us about yourself, perhaps you can meet each other here. Have you seen a movie with a shemale star and you would like to know her name? You'll get help here! Ladies, please post forum you travel somewhere, so your fans would be able to get in tgirl with you.

Welcome all the crossdressers fans, you can post your favorite pictures here and of course share your stories. Stories written by our visitors or re-posted from other forums, which our loyal forum members would enjoy. All the illnesses or remedies stated here should not be used as medical advice. Feel free to hamster nude pics others who may have had the same problems, but you should always consult a qualified medical professional! Here you can make suggestions about model index on the site.

Tgirl there is missed your favorite model please provide us with her name and a picture. Wanna be listed in our model index?

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Have additional info for already listed models? Don't lurk! Say hi! All the club nights across the US and beyond in this area. Find a night out near you, this week. Thursday tplayground happy Jumped by a bunch of ladyboys Old Magazines? Think of this forum as the ebay of Shemale Porn. Don't Break any Copyright laws, or you'll be deleted. One summer night i was driving trhu a part of the city which at the time was well know for the presence of trannies walking the road.

So i was looking around tgirl i spotted a black Alfa Romeo parked along the road, the side door was opened and a pair of long sexy legs in black stokings were emerging from the car. I stopped forum car near her and i looked inside: here there was the sexiest, hottest tranny i ever saw.

She was Sabrina Hemolly indeed. I really can't believe my luck. I did'nt know she was in Forum but i always dreamed to found her somewhere someday because a lot of brazilian trannies were working as escorts in Milan at the time, and theer were always new girls coming over. When I called her by name and I told her taht i was "in love with her" because of her movies, she replied with a pleasant smile and told me it was time for me to stop wanking and "doing the real thing". Pool boy and the trophy wife i followed her at tgirl flat and had some of the best sex I ever had.

I remember her rolling her eyes upwards like a demon while i was fucking her ass, like she often forum in her movies, and that really made me crazy. From that night i had regular sex encounters with other beautiful shemales but i still remember her as my first "special" time.

Last edited by smc; at PM. I was getting in my car after work which is downtown and this babe with a micro skirt walked. She was working and he big thighs and round bottom looked good. I agreed to go to her place and when sh got in the car and grabbed my stiff cock she tgirl me she was transexual. I agreed to go with her. Her cock was small and she did not get hard even when I sucked. But was a good fuck and I enjoyed the session. Top black girl, hung, uncut, my place. Best sex of my life. We went at it for about 4 hours.

My first time was about 15 months ago. We were listening to music at her place and with no warning, Miss Stephanie had me kneel before Her and to get Her cock out.

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I had never touched another cock before and my hand was shaking. Part nerves, part lust! Ma'am was incredibly hung which excited me to no end. Or rather to my end. An average cock could not give me that feeling of submission I need. Of course, it was more exciting because the reactions were true.

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She directed my cock sucking and was in charge the whole way. Her moaning just wanted me to please Her more. When Ma'am was close to cumming She ordered me to finger Her ass. She told me when She came to leave it in my mouth while jerking Her off. When She said now, I was to pull it out and have the rest on my face. I did and Her cum was so much sweeter than mine!

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A lot tgirl of it too. Miss Stephanie smiled and rubbed Her cum all over my face and I was told to leave it. I was commanded to suck Her until She became hard again which was almost immediate!

She had me kneel on the forum cushions with my arms on the back of the couch.

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I was expecting to feel Ma'am's cock but was tgirl to feel the hard stroke of a cane across my ass. I yelped and Miss Stephanie laughed and asked if I was surprised.

She then laid another dozen strokes rapidly across my ass in what seemed like 2 seconds. I was whimpering and moaning unashamedly. My ass had forum totally untouched in two years and so in a way, it was like the first time again for me.

She came around to and grabbed my hair to face Her. She barked, "Do you want to be My bitch?

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She slapped me HARD. I quickly stammered, "Yes Ma'am, I want to be Your bitch. I'm used to heavy nipple torture and these clamps hurt as much as any I had experienced. She then lubed me generously but roughly, fingering me crudely. Miss Stephanie told me not to move and left. Miss Stephanie returned in about five minutes.