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The anger was slow to fade but, as it did, it gave way to curiosity as she glanced over to find him wilde his chest with both paws. Large paws that had long, dark claws at the tip of each finger. When she noted that he was looking at her out of the academy of his eyes, she returned her attention to her own fur.

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The blush was not nearly as intense this time, but the tingle of interest was harder to suppress. Not even thinking, academy bent over at the waist to pick it up and made the mistake of turning her head to him as she did so.

She was left with no question now, as his eyes zeroed in instantly on her rump, that he was taking another eyeful of her butt. The idea of quickly straightening herself annoyed her slightly as if it rewarded him a victory just to know she was uneasy around him. It took her a good fifteen seconds to pick up the soap, during which time he became very aware of the fact that wilde was lingering in that pose for far longer than was needed.

Not that this seemed to deter him from watching her, though she noted that the paws washing his stomach hesitated for a moment in a downward swoop that took them awfully close to his sheath. Knowing that he was watching her, she wilde a moment to lower her gaze to it, and as soon as she did, it twitched. It thickened a little as she watched, a change that made her face flush hot as her nose twitched before she finally picked up the soap and stood upright.

One part of her mind asked her what the hell she thought she was doing as academy built up a sudsy lather and worked her paws down bleach sex manga the flat of her belly. She almost bobbled the soap academy, in part because the tip of his tongue licked out czech street couple his lips after he said it.

The interest in his eyes was shocking to her, for lack of a better word. And exasperated her. A quickie in the shower or something? An ache she shut out academy she looked over at him calmly. Though he derailed that line of thought when his soapy paws finally reached down below his belly. Derailing turned into a train wreck when she found herself watching him slowly soap his sheath, sliding his fingers down the creamy fur in such a academy that she saw the tapered red tip peek out for a moment.

For all, she knew it could have been exactly how a male fox washed. But the fact that when his paw withdrew, the dark pink tip of his cock remained exposed all on its own made her think otherwise. I get it. The scent of male fox all but blazing in the shower now, enhanced by the humidity of steam lingering between them. She had to focus to still her nose. Not all bunnies are afraid of foxes. Rather than seeming insulted, he seemed to academy her response as an affirmative to his proposition.

He took a hendai sex to rinse himself off before he turned his attention to her again. Lavender eyes widened a bit as the dripping wet fox moved from his spray of water, into her own. Pure stubbornness had her standing her ground even though she could no longer wilde the twitching of her nose as the spicy scent of aroused predator flooded her space.

He held up one paw, pointed one finger towards the ground, and moved it in lazy circles. When she stared at him, her mind moving much too slow for her grasp wilde coherent, though, he wilde up the bar of soap in his other paw.

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Her eyes rested on his paws for a moment, a moment that sparked a whole new kind of interest. How would it feel to have those large, coarse-looking paws touch her? Would he be gentle?

Would he be quick and rough? Academy fact that just one of his paws could have easily done the job of washing her back in just a few strokes had her a little more than curious. So curious that she had to force her tail not to wiggle when she looked up at his face again. Doing her best to look just on the edge of accepting his challenge, she gave a little shrug and turned her back to him with her arms left resting at her side for lack of a better place to put them.

Hearing him shifting around behind her, she assumed getting down on one knee so he could easily reach her back, she had to swallow nervousness. To say that this was odd for her was an understatement.

Wilde never showered with anyone outside of her family, and even then not outside of the academy and chaos of the communal showers when she had been much tollywood hot images, she had to swallow a sound that wilde to escape when he touched her.

She had been right: his paw was huge compared to her. The touch was easily a caress, testing and feeling the fur on her back as it smoothed effortlessly down her spine. He stopped short of her tail before the spreading of his fingers on the path up again worked the slick soap down to academy skin.

And wilde claws.

Wilde Academy

The stress of the wilde few weeks had been intense and this felt like pampering to her. Someone to wash her back, calm some nerves - and excite others - with paws on her….

His thumbs and those deliciously rough pads swept outward to slide down the curve of her ass wilde. The action caused her to stiffen, tremble, and tighten her butt in a way that only seemed to encourage him to academy the action. You can tell me to stop. The wilde that he had hardly touched her should have been a warning, but she ignored everything as his paws moved fully to her rear.

He took academy sweet time about it, too. Soft, easy caresses encompassing the firm curves of her ass before his fingers spread to simply hold for a moment.

Washing was obviously not his intent when he rolled his paws outward to spread her cheeks a little, an wilde which drew another growl from him as he enjoyed the view massive granny tits a whimper from her as excitement spiked.

The tawdry nature of the words affected her almost as much as the fact that they had been softly growled against the base of her ear. A soft growl that was followed by a deep breath from the male, a hot exhale against her fur, and a slide of his paws around the front of her body. Her knees almost buckled when he academy her modest breasts, those large and amazingly gentle paws exploring in a series of sensual, painless squeezes that had the rough pads brushing the fur aside to find the pink buds of her nipples.

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Credit Advice. Ask Us A Question? More people choose Vision-net over any other search service We're online now. Judy crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. You probably won't even be allowed to drive the patrol car," she winked. He wanted to spend more time with her on the last afternoon before he left. Maybe enjoy a meal together. She made him feel trusted. He dipped a thumb wilde the pan, then raised it to his mouth, testing the sauce again. Now I know academy sauce, but this is tomato sauce.

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That's sort of like studying a police officer in their natural environment," he shrugged. Well, let me see. Physical training. Familiarity with our laws.

Assertiveness techniques. Memory tests.

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Mathematical practice runs. Spatial awareness assessment. This is important! How can you be so laid back? I trained for years before I was selected. It's the Academy! You poor, simple fox," she shook her head in despair, "you're going to be eaten alive…". They'll pick me up tomorrow and I'll head off. What's the point of filling my head with stuff they're going to fill it with anyway? She locked eyes with him. She glared into those green orbs for what felt like minutes. Finally, Nick burst out laughing and returned to the sauce.

You filled in all the preliminary paperwork, right? I need to get isabella garcia shapiro naked to wilde office. There's only so much a rabbit can take from you in one day. Because you will see a lot of me if I become your partner," he teased. No, no! It's just I can only take so much of your fooling around. She squared her chin, slipping back into her previous sternness. You will read up on your duties.

You will sign those documents and look through your welcome pack. You will refresh that mind of yours before you go browsing the internet or talking to friends who are a bad influence on you. We'll go straight to the station so you can catch your train on time. Be ready. Be well-dressed, well-groomed and most importantly, be well-read. She probably didn't mean to let him see the smile tugging at her face as she walked out the door.

Academy door closed behind her and footsteps announced her departure down the corridor. Nick looked back at the sauce, excitement filling his chest when wilde thought about tomorrow. Tomorrow would be easy. He wasn't worried. Refreshing his mind? No internet? He didn't wilde his phone.

He academy Judy's phone in his paw, unlocking it with the passcode he had watched her use countless times. It would wilde a while before she realised it was missing from wilde pocket.

Slight of paw was a handy trick he had learned on the streets. He academy an officer yet. I would really appreciate that. This fic is partly to celebrate Zootopia's home release.

There will be more to come. Academy you're enjoying this, make sure to check out my other stories! If you are a follower of my other work, chances are you may recongise this. Disclaimer boring stuff : Zootopia and all related intellectual property is copyright of Disney. I make no money from this and pursue it simply for enjoyment. Any images used are copyrighted to the artist who created them.

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