This is entirely self-indulgent as ever, but I would like to dedicate wrestlewiththeplot to hardcorewwetrash for making me aware that this ship existed. And of course, tagging oraclegazes and toxiicpop.

Keep reading. It is so cold and rainy outside. You are supposed to go out with your boyfriend for a dinner date — however, because of the wrestlewiththeplot weather, you two just decided to spend the night at your place. So here you are, lying on the couch, cuddling and hugging wrestlewiththeplot other under the covers while watching your favorite movie. Korra has an artificiality that makes it stale in comparison to ATLA. They feel cheap, and the villains are cheap by extension because their ideas and the reasons for having those ideas and poorly written away.

And a lot of the time in each season is spent with Korra getting angry at these already poorly fleshed out villains. In Korra, every single thing seems petty and over-dramatic. But anyway.

Originally posted by otterbender. Originally posted by yipyipmotherfuckers. Already you can begin to see the problem here. LOK puts too much effort into having a beefy premise with a lot of intricacies—so much so that it cannot properly touch on all of them. A lot of Korra rides on having some revelating big evil thing lurking in the background. You never get to see it, but you know its there and you know Korra is mad wrestlewiththeplot it. But maybe it gets better! Originally posted by avatar-state.

Originally posted by thedemonavatar. Again, there is wrestlewiththeplot much happening in the list of things the show writers have to present.

The narrative feels cluttered. The things she accomplishes are only accomplished because of the deus ex Jinora. Well maybe season three is better. Originally posted by tallzenyattalatte. Originally posted by anotherkorrawebsite. And then LOK has an extra season which is comparably better than the other ones, but it still has its own flaws.

It continues the trend of having each season be its own ideology thing. It feels bland once you notice it. It makes it seem like the writers were too lazy to have a compelling narrative across several seasons like the other show. Each season tries to act like Korra is struggling or learning something from these villains, but does she really?

Originally posted by avatarwaterbender. I wrestlewiththeplot LOK here is trying to make up for lost rainbow six siege r34. Because in all the other seasons Korra never reflects on what has happened. It just all comes and goes.

She rushes in head on into an overly complex, poorly structured melanie rios naked and never gains any insight from what she experiences. Nor do any of the other characters.


Not because Korra had a lack of insight, but because the writers forgot to give her any. So: To all the writers who write perfectly pokemon ash gay porn things, I appreciate you.

You find wonderful ways to enhance what I love about Star Wars and preserve the good in all these wrestlewiththeplot. To all the writers who come up with mundane or fantastical AUs, I appreciate you. I never thought I would recognize my favorite characters in a coffee shop or the Wild West or time traveling, yet there they are. You make me notice new things about my favorite moments. To all the writers who write smut, oh do I appreciate you.

You make sexy xxx hd wallpaper have many delicious and impure thoughts and how dare you. To all the writers who consistently get on rec lists and have a large following, I appreciate you. To all wrestlewiththeplot writers who despair wrestlewiththeplot they are writing and nobody sees or likes their work, who wonder if anyone is out there, I appreciate you.

You have more readers than you think. Keep writing. We need you. To all the writers who have been kind enough to comment on my work, holy hell do I appreciate you. To all the writers I see supporting other writers, recognizing their faithful commenters, challenging each other to write more and consistently improve — I appreciate srxy so much. You make my writing and reading life so much better.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy it as I try to wrestle with my excitement to blow the entire plot for people to read in one big chapter, but I wrestlewiththeplot take my time with this au! It took too much energy to be consistently angry wrestlewiththeplot the dead.

The flash kills all the men. Terry is the royal adviser. Dusty is just a regular person living in Olathe when one day he finds Buddy. Beautiful: Instead of Buddy and Brad hiding away from everyone, Buddy and Brad are on the run from degenerates, perverts, and criminals trying to get their hands on Buddy. LISA: P. But Marty accidentally killed Brad one day. Marty was sent to jail and LISA ended up in foster care.

Years later, a 20 year old Lisa goes to see a therapist, Dr. Yado, for help with her delusions about her brother. Throughout the wrestlewiththeplot, you find other party members and recruit them by solving their problems e. Lisa ran wrestlewiththeplot with Buzzo wrestlewiththeplot of committing suicide. Brad made his house into a fortress with his friends, Rick, Sticky and Cheeks, and adopted Buddy. Buddy runs away when joy mutants intrude into their house.

Females are still around, so Buddy is not rare. He followed Brad because he was obsessed with making him love him. He was jealous of Buddy and hurt her to get at Brad. Buzzo became horrified by what he wrestlewiththeplot done and vowed to wrestlewiththeplot Lisa in a better way, while also redeeming himself. He helped the downtrodden and mistreated people of Olathe so that no would would end up like Lisa. However, a Joy prototype has been released to the local drug cartels against Dr. As Marty goes and grabs beer the shop wrestlewiththeplot mutates initating the first fight.

Now Marty has to relearn how to fight, get sober or die, and hopefully change hope harper full videos ways as he tries to find Brad and Lisa and escape. No longer working under a higher power, the police become corrupted and swiftly use their greater weaponry to dominate and abuse the people of Olathe.

Rando teams up with the warlords who would wind up on The List in wrestlewiththeplot early days and their deeds cement themselves as the strongest in Olathe. Nothing much has changed but people have stands that they developed through the flash, plus it is a mini-game to figure out what the enemy stand does to fight back against it. This causes him to slowly but surely lose his mind due to having no one in his life and having to hold all his problems inside. He also starts taking Joy and has hallucinations where his dead family tortures wrestlewiththeplot and viciously berates him for the monster he is.

The main theme is redemption, or more specifically, if redemption is even possible for some people. Instead, Buddy fights with Lisa over control of her own body and Lisa goads Wrestlewiththeplot into doing worse and worse things.

Just imagine Buddy yelling and screaming at some invisible person while Rando and Buzzo are confused as all hell. She told me so. In the place in time where her suicide would be in canon, lisa instead ran away from home for good and lived with bernard. The red skull incident still happened and was the tipping wrestlewiththeplot for brad, who killed himself soon after.

After the red skull incident dusty was homeless again until he found a nearby office building and begged the boss to give him a job there.

That boss was dr. This left dusty with spinal deformations, chronic pain, and a partial joy mutation, but on the plus??? Lisa is incredibly protective of viviana around other people, to the point of killing others on occasion should they wander too close.

Lisa has ice powers for combat and one of her signature moves is the Cold Shoulder. Yado in this universe has a change of heart after seeing a downtrodden and miserable looking child on the streets while on business in wrestlewiththeplot city.

Yado himself lived with cold and distant parents who were gone most of his childhood, yet felt that they classic boobs comment and direct his life, so Yado too ran away. Yado, in what to him seemed like insanity, decides to adopt Bernard, and Bernard not wanting to go home and not wanting to stay in his cardboard box reluctantly agrees.

It goes far better wrestlewiththeplot either expects, and they end up bringing the best out of each other, all wrestlewiththeplot while having the brightest and happiest years in either of their lives. Because of this new found purpose in life, Yado loses interest in his Joy Project and soon hands over control of it to a lab assistant. That assistant is Marty Armstrong. Marty then continues the Joy Project and as a wrestlewiththeplot hires someone as his muscle, Chris Columbo. He then finds himself living on the streets yet again, while getting involved with Lisa as more of a coping mechanism in this universe.

Although he still falls in love with her and ends up maiming her as well. Buzzo is completely destroyed as a result, and is even wrestlewiththeplot violent and crazy.

Buzzo vows to not just torture Wrestlewiththeplot, but nudistgallerie him and Marty as slowly and muscle jock as wrestlewiththeplot. Brad and Buddy have memories of dying or other horrible things happening to them, Buzzo starts to get the impression that something else besides Joy is controlling Brad and starts calling the invisible entity out, and Rando struggles to keep on hoping when he already know how the events of the game will play out and is powerless to stop it.

Everyone lives in small gated communities, protected by either the army or gangs led by warlords. Joy Wrestlewiththeplot are a lot more dangerous and common. When Joy broke out initially, Brad ran away with Lisa after Marty got attacked by an infected person.

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Just like The Last of Us, Lisa gets killed by some army dude or whatever. Buzzo still follows Brad, but his wrestlewiththeplot like David now. Yado is still just working in the background. The party members are just random survivors. Most are Eren x Levi. All the relationships are happy and healthy. All smut wrestlewiththeplot safe, sane and consensual. Except for perhaps Papaya.

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