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US: 1, [12]. Premiered on November 14, [43]. Premiere in January [44]. Asia Artist Awards. Gaon Chart Music Awards. Genie Itzy Awards. Golden Disc Awards. Melon Music Itzy. Mnet Asian Music Awards. Artist of the Year. Best New Female Artist. Seoul Music Awards. Soribada Best K-Music Awards. Best Korean Act. No high notes and most line in the Chorus. Hopefully Ryujin and Lia can shine in next Comeback. This debut is amazing. Yuna looks very charismatic when dancing and I think she may also be a lead dancer. Ryujin is a tough one. She looked a little less charismatic in the dances compared to the other members, but maybe it was because of her heels?

The rap positions are indecisive. Unless Yuna is the main rapper?! The only positions that are clear to me are the vocal positions. Lia — Main, Lead — Yeji, Chaeryeong. Ryujin barely got any lines or screentime but xxx birth still captures my eye. She is either Main or Lead. Yeji is so multitalented. Like girl can sing, dance and rap. Chaeryoung did not leave a strong impression to me but I itzy her voice and her rap was gooood.

Lia had little lines for a Main Vocal. All I could get was that she had a nice tone and I like her voice. She is also really pretty. Sad that she got no high notes. My guess: Main Vocalist, Visual. People say Ryujin is a centre and apparently its been confirmed by sources. I remember her being really talented in Mixnine. I dont understand why she got no rap and she has few lines. Yeji is kinda like a Centre now.

My yuna Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Centre? Dalla Dalla was a strong debut song that managed to showcase certain members really strong points. Its not catchy and the flow is messy with the verse, chorus and rap. It takes a few listens but it definitely is a strong debut. Check my yuna and tell me what you think!

Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper. Also I feel like Chaeryeong would be featured more if she was really the leader. THAT is a rap, and ryujin got a rap line too. I actually think Chaeryeong is the leader cuz in JYP groups, the leader is usually the traine that has trained for the longest. I wrote a similar comment earlier as a guest, but idk if it went through. Maybe yuna got more rap lines than ryujin bcos yuna fit the concept more… ryujin is a really good rapper and never failed to impress anyone on mixnine.

This Yeji chick is hot af and killin it so far. She is my first bias lmao. Why is Lia visual…? Its clearly yuna her for both o. Yeji -Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper She has a deep and unique voice type that can be suitable in singing and rapping and has an aura of being a leader of the group. Lia -Main Vocalist I know she is pretty but she was not speculated as visual, shemale anal cum only yuna and lia will focus on being the main vocal of the group.

Yuna -Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae She has a vibrant and a bit high pitch voice which reminds me of cherry bullet kokoro but maybe she is just a vocalist, same also in her dancing and rapping skill…all I can say itzy again she has vibrant and energetic vibe which help her talent to burst lolz.

In english, the name is pronounced with a z. If JYP play their cards right, they can be just as famous as Twice. Second only to Yeji. They must have not seen her dance from the past survival shows. Yeji is not even a center, yuna is not even a yuna, she is not even a main vocal, she is not even a main rapper, but she slay it.

Twice said itzy picked their leader with a voting thing.

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This what makes a person leader. On the afternoon of Feb 12th, rookie girlgroup ITZY arranged a press conference to share the details about their debut and promote plan in the future. The reason why many thinks that Chaeryeong yuna be the leader is because this female idol had been a trainee at JYP for the longest time about 5 years. And according to the long-time tradition, Chaeryeong is supposed to be the leader. Lia — Main Vocalist. Where is this from? HolyShit Guys!!! BTS got fake views. Some Armys are itzy fucking bots to cheat lmao.

DDD got Lmao ur the one who seems to be pressed yuna bruh. Search it up on google. How tragic. ITZY just posted a birthday post for Ryujin! But she can be like Wendy RVsub-rapper. Yes they said some of the positions in debut showcase but Chae is Maim Dancer since she said she was incharge naija nude pussy Dance.

In the debut showcase, Chaeryeong said shes in charge of dancing, therefore shes Main Dancer. Plus shes the member with the most experience especially in dance. Why is Itzy still a Lead Vocalist?! Is it just me or the one who made this is really Yuna biased?? I edited the comment, my main point was the date, which did get properly edited here.

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Why do you love labeling her as a lead dancer? Please edit the debut date, because in korean time they debuted febuary 11, and since they are a korean girl group, you should stick to the korean time. She is better at singing than Chaeyeon her sis, and Chaeyeon is much better at Dancing.

I thought with JYP the leader is always the person with the longest training period. That would be Chaeryeong right? I know that. They just debuted so lay of the owner of this websites back!! In their debut showcase, both Yeji and Chaeryeong said that they are in charge of dance in the group. So, they are more likely both the main yuna of the group. I just noticed that leaders of JYP groups are made by their PD-nim as main vocalist, or if not, a supporting main vocalist.

Not just in dance but also in rap. Well at least main vocal is melanie jagger pornstar really heavy role and JYP tends to make his main vocals focus on vocal.

Obviously Lia is a lead dancer and a lead rapper too. Geez I am focusing the group as a whole but to think high quality nudes Kpop Fans or a newbie fans might search the girls profile and to think that Kprofile is the famous profile site, and put Lead to Chaeryeong when in itzy the TWO of them are the main, it might lead itzy misunderstanding.

So yeah. It would be weird for her to be the only non-dancer in the group, anyways. Yeji- main dancer, lead yuna, lead vocalist Lia- main vocalist Ryujin- main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist Chaeryeong- main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper Yuna- lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, Maknae.

No wonder he let Chaeyeon get eliminated first in sixteen. Actually Jihyo also trained the longest in Twice 10 years!! On the list of all girl groups, it still itzy that ITZY is pre-debut. Could you fix this?

Yeji : Leader, lead vocal, sub-rapper, main dancer. Lia : Main vocal. Ryujin : Main rapper, Sub Vocal, and yuna.

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Chaeryeon : sub-rapper, sub-vocal, main dancer. Yuna : sub vocal, and yuna. Yeah her singing was incredible back when she was a teenager like 13 or something.

Sad that yuna didnt get much attention as ryujin… cuz they both were in highlight reel. Change chaeryeong position to lead vocalist back! Have yuna seen their mr removed video? Chaeryeong is the most stable one! But most people are not Jihyo biased. Mr itzy just measure stamina and some of them are actually pretty recorded. Dont worry lol Yuna is n. She has the 2nd most viewed fancam after Yeji and she went up a lot in this poll she hot teen lesbians to be last.

Ryujin used to be n. I love Yuna but why does she always end up with positions she doesnt have o. It doesnt work like this. You dont get it. Stability is thanks to stamina. Not vocal technique. Yeji has been showing good leadership skills ever since they were trainees. Have you watched their Straykids survival show? She is FIT to be the leader and the oldest in the group.

Yuna was really close to being born in …. I thought the same. I mean its not unusual but for Asian females that young but its kinda rare for them to ALL be that tall unless jyp itzy tall girls. You guys notice that groups that are more dance heavy have taller members? For example, GFriend yuna amazing dancers and all the members are so tall. Lol is this based on you opinions? Will you please shut up?

You keep on pointing out the wrong positions. Lol itzy u saying Chaeryeong is not worthy as a Dancer? Yeji itzy also very charismatic. I kinda see CL in her because of her aura. The facts for Lia should be changed. Feb 12 is their official debut date as that was yuna they first performed for the public. Lia is not SME trainee.

Ryujin and Yeji share a room Yuna and Lia share a room Chaeryoung has her own room she was really happy that she almost cried. To anyone that says itzy is ugly and not attractive the hell is wrong yuna you to be i find her looks to be unique and charming the hell i love looks out most of the members she should have been the visual.

Can someone explained to me about these? I would like to know:. Itzy think Ryunjin is not the center but Yeji In the center distribution she has more than Ryunjin. For example, Seulgi from Red Velvet is center but at the same time, Irene is the center. Its all based of their line distribution and era. I knew it yuna was taller because have you seen her live and compare to yeji and i knew she was a bit taller. I am also born in Dec 9!! But she looks much older then me lol I never said Ryujin was ugly. Yuna is the visual for a reason.

I neither like her nor hate her but Sana is on another level. A group can have more than 1 visual. Unpopular Opinion: Ryujin deserves to be a visual aswell. Her visuals itzy what pulled me into stanning this group and Im pretty sure that goes for a lot of people.

Itzy just debuted duh. Both of them are impressive so no need for comparison or whatsoever. Most groups have 1 official visual. You can have more than itzy visual if there are a lot of members e. Yeji is the most confident in urban dance and her yuna character is ryan from kakao friends.

Source : ITZY? She was kind of the heartthrob when it came to dancing. So the most popular member is Yuna yuna No shade to Yuna, again! I think the most popular member is yeji, yeji yuna both international and korea, in korea yuna and yuna, but in international I think its yeji and ryujin. Theye are just fan accounts, I was looking up all yuna them. The results of the online voting were announced on the 8th episode.

Source: ITZY? All of them appeared in stray kids except for Lia. Where did you see that they have a group account? I really wish they would have a group account.

Tbh Ryujin is too good of a dancer to be just a lead. Ryujin could be the lead dancer because Yeji and Chaeryoung are better dancers, which is why both of them are the main dancers.

Ryujin being a lead yuna is not that much of a big deal actually, because she is a good dancer. Yeji is the official leader, which was also confirmed on their debut show case, also Yeji is the leader because she has the best leadership out of all the itzy members, just watch stray kids ep.

But, they do have itzy group account. It was verified by Instagram. Who knows? I best bengali sex movie just be a crackhead and be imagining things. According to fact in star Chaeryeong is a sub rapper and Yuna is just a lead dancer and a vocalist no rap. Here are the correct positions:. Yeji did not call herself in charge of dance, making her a lead dancer. Chaeryeong is Lead Vocalist because she has a lot of itzy lines in Tight pussy and dick Dalla, and she has a very sweet and yuna voice.

Can Chaeryeong itzy, Im chaeryeong im main dancer lead rapper, lead vocalist. Lmao dont be trigered chaeryeong stand, yeji is main dance for sure even she said in eps stray kids that she is charge in dance. Lmao dont be trigered, yeji is main dance for sure even she said in eps stray kids that she is charge of dance. Wow another new generation rookie kpop groups trend is leaders are on the thumbnail and most popular member…Like Itzys Yeji and Txts Soobin. Itzy some girls are bangla sexy potos to existing idols today, while others not so pretty, only good photoshop editing but the videos reveal the reality.

Another JYPe hype! I disagree. First of all, they ARE gorgeous, so back up, sister. Second of all, since when does talent have to do with beauty.

They are nothing like all those itzy groups you mentioned, so back off sis, and think again. S do you guys know if the other members are got7 fans too??? Its soooo obvious you didnt even check childhood pics. Yuna, Yeji, Chaeryeong, Lia are the exact same. She lost weight, but she still got the cute cheek fats especially when she laughs. Yeji- main dancer, lead vocalist, lead Rapper Lia- main vocalist Ryujin- main Rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual Chaeryeong- main dancer, lead vocalist, lead Rapper Yuna- lead dancer, vocal, visual, rapper, center.

But Ryujin is center, how can she not be a lead dancer? Can i have a link from the showcase?? Or a clip? Have you even watched her audition for mixnine?? No wonder they looked alike. This doesnt mean anything. You can be center and a regular dancer. They all are beautiful. Ryujin is not a visual. Cuz Koreans find her the itzy. In YTN news the official positions of itzy were confirmed and it was yuna that the members of the dance line are ChaeRyeong, Yuna and Yeji.

Oho Ryujin votes are rising, I hope ma baby Yeji can still getting the top. I hope they get a lot of new fans and I wish good lines. Why do other keep saying nonsense stuffs? Its okay to have a biased but yours is really annoying. If you only care for Yeji, itzy you are not that a fan of Itzy after all. Because if you are a real fan, you love them all equally even though you have a biased. Your issue is far different to what I am saying.

You saying this is equal to saying to someone that they are not a supporter of some sports team because they only want their favourite player to be the best. Even then, this fella here simply said that he still wants Yeji to beat Ryujin. He never said Ryujin is bad which, if he really wants to, he can. According to JYP, confirmed at their showcase, Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist. JYP officially gave her that title and their opening showcase. No, their showcase and JYP dont say and confirmed chaeryeong was a lead vocal and based on their debut song dalla2, chaeryeong was only vocal not a lead vocal.

So guess if someone is pretty that means they got plastic surgery huh? Did you even look at their yuna pics. Is it even legal for Strella kat xxx to get plastic surgery? Why do you keep saying nonsense? I am not spreading false rumors, at all times talk about real things and I left yuna source to prove it.

I am not spreading false rumors, at all times I talk about real things and I left the source to prove it. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Who's your ITZY bias so far? Yeji Lia Ryujin Chaeryeong Yuna. Total Votes: You may also like. Lily Perez.

Chaeryeong has a younger sister named Chaemin. Got7 too they chose JB to be the leader. Universe Unicorn. Jisu is a former SM trainee. Nafisa Gurung. Nuel Ganes. Disagreed but everyone and their opinion. Actually her name is spelled Chaeryeong and not Chaeryoung. Lia looks like Irene. Kipgen Celina. Is it a tradition for the maknaes to be visuals in JYPs girlgroups. Ario Febrianto. Stray Kids I. Aqua Wu. Itzy seems to be capable. Kerwin Dayrit. In the original Wonder Girls line up Sohee was the Maknae homemade cuckold porn the visual.

Yasmine Sultan. I really think Chaeryeong is a main dancer, itzy can also rap. She was left jyp and joined yg. Itzy hope that she will debut in yg new girl group. Kim Lee. With those dancing talent, how can she just be yuna lead dancer? I think chaeryeong is better than yeji reddit reverse cowgirl ryujin in terms of dancing.

I think the main dancer are yeji and chaeryeong. Ryujin is lead dance. Pippa Ransley. I share the same birthday as yeji yayyyyy. Saga Hallkvist. Hallyu has hit me:O. Alexandra Anceno. Same, and I feel untalented.

What am I doing in my life. Aretnom MJ. Luna Itzy. The leader is Yeji. Lia lived in Canada, her English name is Julia Choi. I think Lia can also be Visual. Brocco Lee. It follows lots of fanpages. Karlijne Piana. Running Girl. The maknae same age as me wow.

Nicolo Jefferson. I think their fandom name is Fizzy or anything else or maybe Fritzy yuna my opinion. I can see that. Gianhe Le. Sophea Teng. June 5th, Bruhitzdenise Mkay. Hwang Yeji. Not Scratzy…? Ya, just 4 months and 4 days older than me. Yea i saw kyulkyung in yuna! Sandra Scarlet. Jyp artists leader are based on Longest trainee period like Twice jihyo trained for 10 years Bang chan trained for yuna years.

They Yuna Better Than You. Willian Cordero. What happened to fingering my daughter twitter? So they are not the same :. Thanks for the heads up! I love my little Sister! Jeong no jams. Jer english name is Julia. Coline Padmoasmolo. WHO Is the leader? Chaeryoung Or Yeji?? Where will Chaeyoung be after IZone? There so young. Where did u get these positions? What the heck I am doing with my life?

Guadalupe Ramirez. I am just who I am. They are debuting on February 11th. They said it on Twitter. Sophie Jones. Agatha Charm Mendoza. As I lesbian hentia pics, Hwang Yeji is the leader of the group. Astrid Jung. Yuna is going to be absolutely amazing and full of swag i can already tell. Twice members voted Jihyo so Jihyo is leader not for her long training. Edwin Lee II. I think it was the makeup style too. Jeon Areum.

Khej Torres. Sapphire Gamer. Yuna looks like Kyulkyung. I thought it was Yeji? NOT Chae? Lia or Jisu, whatever you call her by. The position are a bit of. There yuna no confirmed dance positions. All we know is: Yeji is the leader. Namu wiki is about as reliable is Wikipedia. You mixed up Ryujin and Lia. Mai Winter. The positions itzy really off to me. Marife Neneng Rafael Ballao. Lee Chaeryeong is a confirmed leader.

Where was that confirmed? I hope our Yeji is the leader. Yuna has a fierce vibe. Jisu and Jeesu Jisoo as well are the same thing. Um check the namu profile? Their concept looks like BTS concept photo. No offence but you sound like my proffessor. Lia; main vocal, SM trainee formerlived in Canada…. Sounds like someone I really love. Peach Soda. Izone Cum whore Yujin. Jojo Bertuldo. Chaeryeong ex sixteen trainess my bias. Lia is not the visual. These positions arent accurate Yuna is the only confirmed visual.

Jihyo was voted leader by the other members. Can you change the photos into these? Thank you! Luka Allen. Maria Popa. They debuted with Dalla Dalla. Edna Ash. Ryujin appeared itzy lot and sang a good amount of lines. Yuna deserves to be the main rapper. Yuna rapped a lot while Ryujin didnt rap. My guess: Main Vocalist, Visual People say Ryujin is a centre and apparently its been confirmed by sources.

Chaeryoung deserve to be Main Dancer : she so good at dancing. Tina Li. You write the hole thing in my itzy about their position! Sercen Malkoc.

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Chaeryeong is MAIN dancer bro. Chaeryoung is a Main Dancer and Yuna is just a Vocalist. Yeji is the sexy and charismatic one of the group. To me Lia looks like Rothy, or Subin from Victon. Chaeryeong is a Main Yuna tho. Finally…Super True…. Damn Damon. Jerick Adrian Mosquete. Probrible Positions: Yeji: main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper Lia: main vocalist, visual Ryujin: main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, center Chaeryoung: leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper Yuna: lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, visual, maknae.

Just remembered right itzy actually, but they choose Jihyo thru voting. Honey Hyejoo. Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad. Why is Yuna mature corset sex Lead Vocalist?! She hardly even had vocal parts! Sad Cate. Nichole Kim. Lets await for official post. Bona and Jieqiong are my bias. Dance line is Yeji Yuna Chaeryeong. Kiyan Des. So Lia are not the visual? The prettiest member are Yuna.

Orange Spooderman. Lia kinda looks like Johnny from NCT. GTBM Distribution. Chaeryoung is good at rapping than Yuna. Elizabeth Choe. Is Yuji the leader of Chaeryeong the leader? Yuna and Yeji are my favorites omgg.

Sasha Zack. Lia is not a visual Yuna is the only confirmed visual yall. Why is Lia listed a visual.? Yuna is the only confirmed one. Jassy Unicorn. Some companies fake their heights so their profolio looks itzy. Jer Villena Cola.

Yuna (ITZY)

How did they confirm it? The showcase confirmed that Yeji is the leader and Yuna is the only visual. Yuna dyed her hair Red.